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February 12, 2019

NIOS DELED 508 509 510 EXAM DATE 2018-2019 DATESHEET



As you all know, NIOS had issued the DATESHEET for the DELED 4th SEMESTER EXAM 2018-2019 on December 21, 2018. According to which 508 509 or 510 examinations were determined on 14-02-2019 and 15-02-2019.

But for many reasons, it was not possible to organize the examination on this date. So, Nios has re-issued the new date sheet for the examination of 508 509/510. 


NIOS DELED 508 509 510 EXAM DATE 2018

NIOS has reissued the new notification for the 4th SEMESTER EXAM on January 10, 2019, according to which the 508 509 or 510 examinations are scheduled for 15-03-2019 and 16-03-2019 respectively. You can see the final date sheet here and on NIOS official website also.

Learning in Art, Health, Physical and Work Education at Elementary Level
2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Learning Social Science at Upper Primary Level


Learning Science at Upper Primary Level


This examination program is final and there will be no modification in it anymore. All the trainees are ready to do the preparation keeping in mind the above-mentioned examination program.


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Thursday, February 7, 2019

February 07, 2019



NIOS DELED 501 502 503 504 505 EXAM (SPECIAL)

DATESHEET of the 5th DELED EXAMINATION (In-Service untrained teachers) has been released for all the teachers who are doing DELED from NIOS, for all the teachers who have failed in the first and second semester exams or whose examinations were missed.

You will know that the first semester of NIOS DELED examination was taken on May-June 2018 and the second semester was held in September 2018. In the first semester, 501 502 and 503 were examined whereas, in the second semester, 504 and 505 were examined.

In both of these semesters, if you have been unsuccessful in any subject or have left your subject, then you will have filled the form by January 31, 2019. You have been given a lot of time to fill the form from 501 to 505. Special examination for these courses is being organized in March 2019.


Here you have been given the complete DATESHEET. You can see the full description of the 501 502 503 504 and 505 EXAMINATION on the official website of NIOS -, DOWNLOAD THE DATESHEET HERE.

Elementary Education in India
2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Pedagogic Process in Elementary Schools
Learning Languages at Elementary Level



Learning Mathematics at Elementary Level



Learning Environmental Studies at Elementary Level

In the above DATESHEET, the subject of 501 to 505 is included because the special examination of 506 to 510 will be taken later. It is to be known that the 508 509 or 510 examinations are scheduled on March 15 and 16. You can also see that date sheet on nios dled website.

If you want to see the result of 506 and 507, you can see here also. The details of the result to be found in this post - SEE 506 507 RESULT HERE.


NIOS DELED 501 502 503 504 505 exam hall ticket or INTIMATION LETTER will be released at least one week before the examination.

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February 05, 2019

Happy Lunar New Year is All Feb 5, 2019 - The Celebration Starts

Happy Lunar New Year - Chinese New Year 2019 is all Feb 5, 2019. The celebration lasts until the Lantern Festival from the night prior to the first day of the lunar year.

How Is Celebrating Chinese New Year?

Here's an assortment of recipes, family activities, and crafts with step instructions to help a lucky and happy new year, your family welcome. Similar in the world to the New Year's celebration, Chinese New Year is about the spirit of renewal.

Chinese New Year, also referred to is the holiday on the calendar. The vacation is a two-week festival full of meetings between family and friends, a lot of food and wishes for a brand-new year filled with joy, prosperity, and good fortune.

The vacations symbols, traditions, and rituals are supposed to wash the slate clean and prepare for prosperity, fantastic fortune and happiness in the new year.

Happy Lunar New Year

To put it simply, every Chinese New Year is a brand new beginning. Today, Chinese New Year is celebrated using family dinners and fireworks by over a billion people around the world. Celebrating Chinese New Year can seem like a marathon. The vacation entails a week of preparation before New Years Day, followed by fourteen days of merrymaking, family visits, and feasts.

Chinese New Year is the most extremely Expected Chinese holiday of the year for a valid reason it's a time of high spirits, bustling energy, and several happy reunions. Food symbolism plays a particularly important role during Chinese New Year when Nearly every dish that's served carries a wish for fantastic luck, many descendants or good health in the future.

Chinese New Year starts using a reunion dinner in New Year's Eve that gathers household out of far and wide, much at the same way Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Throughout the fourteen days of celebration that follow, the feasting carries on as family and buddies share fantastic tidings for the year ahead.

A few celebrants call it even the Spring Festival, a period of time which signals the Chinese calendar's evolution others recognize it since the New Year. For a 15 day period commencing Feb 5, China will welcome even the Year or even the Pig, one of 12 animals.

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Acting on the advice of an old sage, the townspeople used noises from the color red, fireworks, and drums to frighten him off all remaining elements of the celebration.

A Good Deal Of Families Use It As Motivation

Whilst the New Year of honoring, the ways have varied through time, it began as a chance for the breaths, or families to cleanse their quarters of huiqi. Families performed meticulous cleaning rituals to honor deities who they believed would pay them visits. The holiday is still utilized since a time to get cleaning supplies out, even though even the work is supposed to be done before it formally begins. 

Accounting for vehicles, trains, planes, along with other ways of transport, the vacation is estimated to prompt nearly 3 billion trips over even the 15-day timeframe. Visiting a hospital or taking medication is believed to invite ill health, lending or borrowing money will encourage debt, crying kids can bring about misfortune.


In China, it sometimes looks disapprovingly to remain single since you enter your thirties. When singles return home to visit their parents, some will opt to employ an individual to pose as their significant other to make it appear like they are in a relationship and also avoid parental scolding. A boyfriend or girlfriends may get an average of $145 a day.


Chinese New Year Celebration

A frequently observed tradition during Spring Festival is to give presents of red envelopes containing money. New bills are anticipated, old, wrinkled money is an indication of laziness. People sometimes walk around with money stuffed envelopes from the case they run into someone they need to give a present too. 

If somebody offers you an envelope, it is best to accept it with both hands and also open it privately.
Crafts provide a terrific way to keep children involved during Chinese New Year. School-age kids can write the fantastic fortune banners that decorate the home, while younger kids can be accountable for Maintaining a Tray of Togetherness replenished. 

Either project is an excellent Chance to open a conversation about Chinese New Year traditions. Celebrating Chinese New Year requires a great amount of prep and the sidewalks in Chinatown are stuck to the holiday approaches. Regardless of the hectic pace, there's really no better time for a visit, particularly if you need to shop for special ingredients or decorations.

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February 03, 2019

How to Become a Successful Blogger-Blogging Techniques in 2019

When it comes to blogging, everyone wants to be on top of the game. But constructing your way and gaining popularity is a hard road. Under the topic "How to become a successful blogger" I am going to tell you the core 7 crucial steps for blogging techniques in 2019. Read the below hints they worked for me.

How to become a successful blogger in 2019

1. Content Is King - It, although I know you must have read a million times. The something which could help me is because I compose and source contents that are great. There are a number of places I source for content thoughts such as, - Question and Answer Websites such as Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers, Adwords Keyword Analytics Tool, Forums associated with my blog Niche, From Opinions on previous website article, Youtube videos - The list for articles creation ideas goes on and on.

How to Become a Successful Blogger

2. Add Pictures to Your Blog Post - The 2nd portion of content is adding pictures to your blog post. People have a propensity to become attracted to pictures over text, actually, that must have resulted in the saying that more than a thousand words are spoken by pictures. Ensure you add images to all of your blog posts, and after that optimize them for search engines utilizing the alt tag. Google Image search may become a traffic source to get you as I’ve been enjoying this advantage recently.

3. Proper Length of Article - Coming over to the theme of the length of your articles, all of it depends upon you. Short and intriguing articles gain more share and lengthy ones have a tendency to bore people away from experience. Don't overdo things, for my website posts with about 800 words are at the average and works great with regards to conversions, comments, and social network share. If you can compose quality contents that add value for your readers, then you're about 30% to constructing a successful blog.

4. Mobile Friendly Websites - Your blog cannot succeed on the web unless it's got a feature-rich and responsive design. This feature becomes extremely important in precisely the aftermath of latest internet search engine updates which are going to favor responsive attributes and mobile friendliness of sites. For how to make a mobile-friendly and responsive website there is a separate article posted on this site.

feature-rich and responsive design

5. Keywords and Search Engine Optimization - One element that will result in the success of your blog is traffic. If you can't get possible customers you will not earn money. Use highly searched and low competition keywords in your blog.

Keywords include the specific phrases and words people use to find your site. As you're selling a product, it is essential your blog pages include the phrases when searching for your product line which people kind into the search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing are the main source of traffic. Assuming that you've your supply sources and your web site ready for public display, it's now time to factor internet search engine optimization in your marketing plan.

6. Build Do Follow Backlinks For Your Blog Post - Backlink plays a huge function to get higher search rankings for the blog posts, articles, etc. The more links you receive to your website, the greater the quality visitors you'll receive from the search engines. How to make do follow backlinks and on and off page SEO are covered in another article.

7. Promote Your Blog Articles - Building a successful blog doesn't end by creating wonderful contents only, you've to promote your own blog articles to reach your own target audience is a matter of fact. Without the traffic, then you'll probably go out of business and your efforts in creating the contents will be such a wasted effort. There are a number of ways to promote blog articles which you probably don't know about.

Promote Your Blog Articles

Social Networking sites are ideal posts to promote your own website post content, concentrate on a few social network sites for a start before experimenting with all others. A few of the social network sites to harness are Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. A separate article on social media promotion techniques for getting more traffic is written on this site.

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February 03, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day Quotes and Romantic Valentine Ideas 2019

Happy Valentine's Day Quotes and Romantic Valentine Ideas 2019 - love is more than simply an inclination. It's more than basically saying I adore you. Words may likewise be used to express one's feelings, yet how and once you use them, matters a great deal.

Individuals offer presents to their pals or relatives, just to demonstrate the amount they give it a second thought. They present roses, present cards, and parts increasingly, just to express their feelings and furthermore show appreciation.

Valentine's day is multi-day. It is an opportunity to demonstrate friendship and love. It's where people who're really infatuated, hang out.

Happy Valentine's Day Quotes and Romantic Valentine Ideas 2019

Valentine’s Day likewise called as Saint Valentine's Day and furthermore a Lover's day, which is dependably a something special and dazzling day for every one of the general population on the planet. On this Time multi-year Valentine's Day will be praised on Saturday, February 14 date.
Happy Valentine's Day Quotes
Valentines Day is commended by Brothers and sisters, husband and spouse, unmarried couples, and nearly everybody. On this uncommon event of Valentine's day individuals are share and trading welcome, share chocolates, welcoming cards, by and by composed cards, messages on a versatile system and furthermore on long-range informal communication destinations like WhatsApp, backdrops, picture collections, blossoms and a ton of extraordinary endowments on this loveable day.

Here We share a Valentines Day 2019 Quotes in English to state your dear one by sending him/her and state Happy Valentines Day 2019 in your very own and adorable style.

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For men, if she should be with you, paying little mind to what occurs, she'll generally stick around. Adore itself is a secret which the world is to understand. It's regular and can't be faked. You gain trust and the adoration for somebody, never let go. Attempt your best to develop it and allow it to develop.

Valentine's day is an opportunity to indicate you give it a second thought and love. You can send your perfect partner, a couple of Valentine's statements following a date. You will discover citations that you can send, which has the ability to inspire the soul. It changes their comprehension. You are continually going to get a reaction, on the off chance that you are truly adored by that individual since it originated from the middle.

You can send some Valentine's citations in the event that you wish to demonstrate your beau you give it a second thought. That person's head towards you change and fortify your association.

Try not to end a relationship since you believe it's exhausting. Demonstrate your responsibility on the off chance that you cherish somebody. Try not to give up in light of the fact that you don't feel adored.

Indeed, even in the most troublesome occasions inside the relationship, hold fast. Connections are extremely unique in nature. Individuals get exhausted with each other, especially when they don't get what they need. Valentine's day is planned to demonstrate love, however, you can start communicating it. You don't need to hold up till that day.

You will discover the mind and innovative lifting citations you may obtain on the web. You can spare them on your phone, and send it to that somebody exceptional whenever it satisfies you.

Folks, you ought to likewise realize this a few young ladies like shocks so you could dispatch it when they least anticipated it. Try not to keep an eye out for that person to send you cites.

Make your exploration on-line to get delightful statements. Demonstrate her or him the amount you care for the two Valentine's day festivity and past.

Valentine Day Quotes for Her

Like never before, I cherish you 
Like never before, I appreciate you 
Like never before, I like you 
Like never before, I regard you 
Upbeat Valentine's Day! 

For this current Valentine's Day, 
I don't have much cash, 
No rings, or a vehicle, or a unique neckband, 
What I rather chose to give you is something invaluable, 
It's something each young lady 
I require the Earth to give me a place to live 
I require the sun to enable me to see 
I require the stars to give me trust 
What's more, I require your affection to be glad. 
Glad Valentine's Day!!!! 
I adore you!!!!!!! 

Your excellent eyes 
Your warming grin 
Your awesome nation complement 
Makes me grin 

You smell so wonderful 
You smell so sweet 
You smell sufficiently wonderful to eat 

I never thought love truly existed, 
Until the time I originally set my eyes on you... 
My heart halted for a minute and I realized we have a superior goal, 
I cherish you, I am most certainly not 

I never thought love truly existed, 
Until the time I previously set my eyes on you... 
My heart ceased for a minute and 
I realized we have a superior goal, 
I cherish you, I am definitely not 
O my dear Valentine 
What's life? 
Life is love. 
What's adoration? 
Love is kissing. 
What's kissing? 
Come here and I show you.

Valentine Day Quotes for Him

A person genuinely cherishes you while missing you is his leisure activity, 
Thinking about you is his activity, 
Satisfying you is his obligation, 
What's more, adoring you is his life 

I can't trust somebody like me 
Could be with somebody so sweet 
Your adoration is amazing 
I need to hold your hand 
What's more, let our affection control the way 
Through the dim evenings 
Furthermore, stormy 

I hang tight anxiously for you 
Recognizing what the day brings 
Coz it's that time once more 
When we ruin each other with adoration 
That time 
When we are so near each.

Romantic Valentine Ideas

Finding Valentine's Day idea that conveys the message may be a challenging task. This is especially true if your connection is at one of these phases that are awkward. 
Romantic Valentine Ideas 2019
Regardless if you have reunited from a break-up met, or have been married for several years, the thought has to be given as to what's Valentine's Day idea for the stage on your relationship. Place into it, and you could be left with chocolates. When the connection is not that can spell catastrophe for the pace of your connection in the 26, put effort. 

Here are some Valentine's day Flowers, A timeless classic Gradients of colors of flowers to the giver's intentions have been encouraged. Women love getting flowers as a surprise, particularly on the job. 

The flower industry has come a substantial way of buying a choice of flowers in the efficacy and convenience. They can be purchased online and delivered to anyplace within the country, regardless of your location. You may buy them in your florists that are conventional, most grocery shops, and even across the road's side. The excellent thing about flowers is that one climbed says over a costly gift. 

Food is a major player on the Valentine's Day holiday. There are plenty of possibilities that you could choose from. Either making favored desserts and packaged them in decorative tins or purchasing exotic sweets from specialized stores will go a considerable way in displaying your packs to the one you adore. 

A lot of companies sell specialty food baskets or food-of the month clubs. That could be something which would last all year long. Travel is also another option. 

Nevertheless, the stage of the connection is dependent upon the kind of travel adventure you'll undertake. For budding relationships, a day trip might be perfect. Traveling to the beach, travel destination, or taking a novelty trolley or bus ride around the city might be the perfect and right Valentine's Day present idea for the stage in your connection. 

For more established connections, the sky is the limit. Day or weekend cruises are the amorous escape jackpot for any couple. Take camping out a trip or visit the next city and spend the weekend at a hotel or bed and breakfast. 

Gift certificates or cards work well, although I will recommend combining this present with something a little more thoughtful. It isn't necessarily huge, but maybe it's the treasure to a custom made treasure map or a scavenger hunt that the both of you do together.

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February 03, 2019

7 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him - let's talk about love and giving back in a different way so somebody asked for some Valentine's Day gift ideas for him and I thought this article would be perfect because Valentine's Day is coming right around the corner.

I definitely recommend my ladies if you are single, you guys are not officially together then go on the lower side of things. Because you don't know his setup, you don't know all of that so if you guys are not officially together then do the lighting stuff. Do the cheaper stuff don't invest input all your eggs in that basket.

If it is your man and you guys been together for a while. He is outstanding you guys don't have any issues with cheating and all that then you go above and beyond for your boo show him. That you appreciate him that you love him that you know thank you for being a good man to me and this is how I appreciate you. So before you, all jump into your pockets and do some of these things for a man make sure that he's yours before you do it.

You know me and another thing is like really figure out what he likes about Sunday. Sometimes I guess so in ourselves that we only think about what we want and what we expect when that's really not what it's about. It's about giving them love returned to figure out like. He likes all of these won't fit for every single man. These are very gentle but before I'm not gonna talk no more we just gonna get right into it.

7 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

1. The first gift idea I have for Valentine's Day is getting him tickets to his favorite game or maybe an artist that he really enjoys in town. Again this is more of you are my man and we've been together for a while type of gift. So the sporting events are always fun. I love going to sporting events but when you know like he is in love with that team you will make his day with some tickets to his favorite team's game or like say if he's a Lakers fan and you guys live in San Antonio when the Lakers play San Antonio go to the game.

You know I mean for if you cannot afford tickets to a game his favorite Jersey paraphernalia of his favorite team like a banner something that he could put in his car, something that he loves that you know that it shows that you're paying attention to the things that he likes, and those little gifts go a long way. And if it's their favorite team they're gonna love it so they don't matter if it's one a little rag they want to hang it up they're gonna look okay.

2. The second gift is like if your guys really techie, any type of Apple earpods, Apple watch, maybe a pen because that's a little price like a hundred dollars to be gifted. If they have iPads or something like that like I don't and let's fly I said unless you've been together for some years I don't think going out and getting expensive. The gadget is the best way to go.

But any kind of like gadget or anything small that's practical. They can use maybe headphones that they work out or something like that they don't necessarily have to be Apple. Just something that you know they can use what working out or something just depends on the guy but gadgets.

3. If it's just your boo you're not really together yet. But you love getting like Bath and Body works for men. They have a whole men's line. There something teak wood smells so good. It's kind of like a hog antique wood but go in there see what you like. Bath & Body Works is my absolute favorite place in the whole wide world.

4. Gamestop gift card- if your guy likes video games don't even waste your time says trying to figure out which game probably already has all the ones he wants. But a Gamestop gift card will allow him to go into Game Stop when a new game comes out or maybe take some money off of his purchase.

You don't have to put the whole entire game amount on a gift card. Hell, it could be $20 and at least it's going to go towards something that. If he's a gamer or maybe some headsets or like new controller guys love things like that if they're into video games. So pay attention future guys like games GameStop gift card goes a long way.

5. Now the next tip is a little pricier but it's worth it. If you have a little sophisticated your man's a little more mature a little bit more sophisticated but a nice steak dinner there nothing wrong with treating your man to a meal. If he's your man, ladies if he's your man and you know he's been taking you out, he's been treating you there's nothing wrong with treating your man every once in a while.

So if you're not comfortable doing it on Valentine's Day you could always take them a different day.

6. This is the tip number 6. It is at a very high price point. Again ladies, if he's your man and it's been a while like years at this point then treat him to a trip.

7. Number seven is also a lower price point something that I love to do regardless of how long we've been together. If you are dating him or if your boyfriend whatever is to get him a book. That's going to help grow his mind and help him learn and help him be a better person.

I always give books like thinking Grow Rich is a great one that I like to do this. Steve Harvey Laws of Success especially if you're dating somebody and you feel like they need to get their life a little bit together and you don't want to date them anymore but you know you still want to be a good influence on their life. I really think that you'll enjoy this Book.

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I'm telling writing this from experience so thank you guys so much for reading this. I hope you guys enjoyed these tips. I hope you and your man enjoy these tips too. If any of you are try these tips after Valentine's Day please come back to comment here.

Let me know how it went because I'm very curious to know I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my baby my wife and I'm so excited. Give a second to share "7 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him" on your social wall.
February 03, 2019

E-commerce SEO Techniques-Why is SEO Important for E-commerce

Most Search engine optimization providers can provide approaches that are effective at improving your website ranks with less than 20 pages of content and a small range of keywords.

E-commerce Search engine optimization requires resources and much more planning to become successful. Here is the guide for E-commerce SEO Techniques.

E-commerce SEO Techniques-Why is SEO Important for E-commerce

For E-commerce SEO from a $30, 000 investment, $9, 000 must be assigned for SEO. This consists of $6, 000 for ongoing Search engine optimization for 3 t0 5 months and $3, 000 for onsite optimization and keyword study.
E-commerce SEO Techniques

In creating sites, businesses with established reputation and expertise are recommended. Find for this will save money and your time in the long term, a company that can provide one service, web development, and e-commerce engine optimization are managed.

A couple of the open source e-commerce programs are OSCommerce and Zen Cart. There are a lot of benefits of using open source applications. Platforms that are custom provide flexibility choices and the customization which will place you.

The downside is the high development cost and problems might be encountered by the Search engine optimization companies. Section of the pre-planning stage is currently choosing a Search engine optimization company that has experience in E-commerce SEO.

The Search engine optimization company also needs to be comfortable working with content creation tail Search engine optimization campaigns and your chosen platform. You must have the ability to become successful.

Mainly, detach the global opponent's list from the local ones and after that, the brief term competitors list from long terms. The Search engine optimization provider must be capable to assist you to create this list.

Bear in mind that SEO's aren't magicians and your Search engine optimization funds will directly affect your Search engine optimization performance.

Businesses which are on a tight spending budget should use long tail SEO. You should concentrate on creating a long tail Search engine optimization approach how to capture traffic from less competitive keywords or phrases by combining a good content creation plan and good keyword study if your products aren't market and your opponents are ruling the generic search results page.

Long tail tactic includes onsite internet search engine optimization and more content creation. E-commerce Search engine optimization, in most cases, content is the king particularly when you are utilizing the long tail strategy.

You should learn to write distinctive descriptions for each category and merchandise if you are not ready to employ a content writer. Product descriptions from other vendors shouldn't be copied and pasted because it's not going to give you any favors.

Don't forget that the photographs aren't readable by the Google bots, they just see the text on the website. Blogs are only useful when the content is fresh. For more info about this see- how to do blogging for business.

Why is SEO Important for E-commerce

Why is SEO Important for E-commerce
SEO provides E-commerce Search engine optimization for guaranteed website traffic, website popularity and high internet search engine ranking for large enterprise sites.

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