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March 22, 2019

Comparison Between 23andme vs Family Tree DNA 2019

23andme and Family Tree DNA are privately owned DNA testing company. Here is the comparison in 2019 between 23andme vs Family Tree DNA.

A lot has occurred since genetics was discovered by Gregor Mendel in the 1800 s. Researchers have managed to map the human genome, resulting in a clearer comprehension of environmental and health risks. Technology is readily available for finding relatives and tracing our roots. One problem with DNA testing is the cost in the range of thousand dollars. There exists alternative scale DNA testing which may uncover a wealth of information at rates that are lower.

Businesses, a number of the ones being 23andme and Family Tree DNA are now offering these lab services.

The testing process that is 23andme starts with placing a sample within their kit. This is then sent back to their labs, but generally gets finished within two weeks. Results are then posted online in the client's private account. Tests for the roots using people and SNP may see the distribution of their ancestors generations. They have a Relative Finder segment users can opt-in to see matches that are possible and be able to get in touch with these people to explore the relationship.

Nonetheless, 23andMe's focus is not finding genetic predispositions, but although in tracing roots. Users get the chance to know the probability of developing heart ailments, cancers, and far more. Such knowledge would theoretically allow them to modify their lifestyle options for prevention.

Those interested may get occasional 23andme discount vouchers from their site along with other sources.

23andme vs Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA In comparison- Family Tree DNA lives up to its name by offering multiple tests services all aimed at helping clients trace their ancestral roots. There is evidence which digs deep into that the paternal side and equivalent ones for that the maternal side of that the family. They've different choices for women and men, and a tiered pricing scheme depending upon the level of the testing. The Family Finder service, which connects users to the database, prices a separate fee. The samples are stored in their laboratories located at that the University of Arizona for free so future testing is always possible in a case much more advanced technology is developed.

Even though Both companies provide DNA testing and have overlapping services, they are able to different audiences. 23andme would probably attract those who are conscious about their style health and wish to discover their very own genetic predispositions. In the meantime, Family Tree DNA is much more suited to individuals who want the most complete means available to trace their ancestry.

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March 09, 2019

NIOS DELED Study Material in English 2019 (All)

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) has already published the NIOS deled study material on its official website. All the trainees can visit the official website and download full course material of NIOS deled in 2019.

Here, we are providing the easiest way of downloading the NIOS DELED Study Material in English and also in Tamil, Odia, Assamese, Hindi, and Bengali.

NIOS DELED Study Material in English 2019 (All)

NIOS DELED Study Material

NIOS has provided the best chance of completing the Diploma in Elementary Education for untrained in-service teachers of India. Thus it is very important to know what to study under this Deled program. For complete training process, NIOS has published the Deled PDF study material which can be downloaded from its official website.

All NIOS DELED Study materials in different languages like English, Tamil, Odia, Assamese, Hindi, and Bengali are in portable document format (PDF). Complete details of NIOS DELED Study materials are given below. Candidates who are willing to download deled study materials in their own language can download PDF’s for the NIOS D.EL.ED. exam preparation. 


All NIOS deled study materials are divided into 10 courses and each course consists of more than one blocks. So, here is the complete detail.  

COURSE 501 – Its course name is Elementary Education in India: A Socio-Cultural Perspective. It consists of three blocks. Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 can be downloaded here.

COURSE 502 – Its course name is Pedagogic Processes in Elementary Schools. It consists of four blocks of pdf. Block 1, Block 2, Block 3 and Block 4 can be downloaded here.

COURSE 503 – Its course name is Learning Languages at Elementary Level. It consists of three blocks of content. Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 can be downloaded here.

COURSE 504 – Its course name is Learning Mathematics at Elementary Level. It also consists of three blocks of content. Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 can be downloaded here.

COURSE 505 – Its course name is Learning Environmental Studies at Primary Level. It consists of three blocks of content. Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 can be downloaded here.

COURSE 506 Its course name is Understanding children in an inclusive context. It consists of four blocks of content. Block 1, Block 2, Block 3 and Block 4 can be downloaded here.

COURSE 507 Its course name is Community & Elementary Education. It consists of three blocks of content. Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 can be downloaded here.

COURSE 508 – Its course name is Learning in Art, Health & Physical and Work Education at Elementary Level. It consists of three blocks of content. Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 can be downloaded here.

COURSE 509 – Its course name is Learning Social Science at Upper Primary Level. It consists of three blocks of content. Block 1, Block 2 and Block 3 can be downloaded here.

COURSE 510 – Its course name is Learning Science at Upper Primary Level. It consists of only two blocks of content. Block 1 and Block 2 can be downloaded here.


If you want to download NIOS DELED study material in another language except for English then here is the direct link of study material page. Visit separately that link and download material in your own language. Click this link for – 

About NIOS

NIOS head office

National Institute of Open Schooling is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. At present, it is the world's largest free-school education system, with approximately 2.02 million attendants at secondary and higher secondary levels.

National Institute of Open Schooling has National and International Mechanism of more than 15 Regional Centers, 2 Sub Centers and 5000 Study Centers in and outside the country for its educational and business programs. It provides access to centric quality education, skill development, and training to the learners through free and distance education. Distribution of its programs is supplemented by printed material coupled with Muktabhim teaching, information and communication technology, audio-visual cassettes, AIR broadcast, Doordarshan broadcasting etc.

The National Open University Institutes have been empowered to train untrained teachers at the elementary level. The training proposal for the elementary education diploma program has been developed by the National Institute of Open Schooling, in collaboration with other agencies working in that field. This institution provides a very innovative and challenging biennial title in the preliminary education program for untrained in-service teachers in different states, according to the Right to Education Act 2009.

According to the Right to Education Act of 2009, it has become mandatory for all teachers to become professionally trained. We understand that your experience as a teacher has already provided the necessary skills you needed to be a good teacher. Because now it is mandatory by law so you will have to complete this program.

Best wishes to all of you for this great effort.

We hope this post "NIOS DELED Study Material in English 2019 (All)" will definitely help you understand the NIOS study material. For any questions related to this post, you must give us a comment below.

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March 07, 2019


Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EL.ED.) from NIOS, The program which started in the year 2017 for the untrained in-service teachers, its fourth and final semester examination is proposed on 15th and 16th March 2019.

In this fourth and final semester examination Course 508 (Learning in Art, Health, Physical and Work Education at Elementary Level), 509 (Learning Social Science at Upper Primary Level) and 510 (Learning Science at Upper Primary Level) are going to be held.

Details of downloading NIOS DELED admit card or hall ticket 2019 for the 4TH-semester examination of 508, 509 and 510 is given below in this post.

NIOS deled exam date 2019 for 508, 509 & 510

Before going through the complete procedure for downloading the Admit Card of 508, 509 & 510, you should take a look at their exam date. However, for this, we have already placed a separate post in which the complete examination date sheet is given. You can also see a look at the date sheet of 508, 509 & 510 here.

Learning in Art, Health, Physical and Work Education at Elementary Level
2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Learning Social Science at Upper Primary Level
Learning Science at Upper Primary Level


Nios Admit Card 2019 at a Glance

Admit card issued by NIOS contains the following things, and all these things will be included in the deled admit card 2019.

1. Enrollment Details – It includes your reference no., Enrolment no., Name of the teacher, father's name and medium (H/E).

2. Center Code and Full Address – In this section, the complete address of the center with pin code where you have to be examined and the center code is given.

3. Exam Dates and Time – In this section, the subject code and time of your examination are specified.

4. Subject Code and Subject Name – In this section, the subject code and name of the subject in which you have to take the examination is given, because you also have to write the subject code and topic name in the answer sheet.

5. Important Instructions – At the very bottom of your admission card, there are some important instructions related to the exam are written, which you should read and understand carefully. The violation of the instruction will be like hitting your leg.

Your admit card will look like the given image below.

How to Download Nios Deled Admit Card/Hall Ticket 2019 for 508, 509 & 510?

So far, you have got complete information about your Admit Card. Now I am telling you how to download NIOS Deled Admit Card or Hall Ticket 2019 for 508, 509 & 510? For downloading the NIOS dled admit card 2019 you should follow the following procedure.

1. First of all, you have to open the official deled website

2. On the home page, you will find The Hall Ticket / Intimation Letter for 4th Deled Examination (508, 509 & 510). Click this link.

3. A new page will open where you have to put your enrolment no and then click on the submit button.

4. Your NIOS Deled Admit Card / Hall Ticket for 508, 509 & 510 will open. You can print it.

I think this blog post "NIOS DELED ADMIT CARD/HALL TICKET 2019 FOR 508 509 510 – 4TH SEMESTER" will prove to be helpful to you.

READ MORE - CLICK HERE to see 506 507 results 2019

If you do not find the admit card download link right now on the official website, then you will continue to visit the website. As soon as the link will be available, immediately I will update it here also. If there is any question related to this post, please comment below. Share with other friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. It will be your great support for us.

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March 04, 2019

Wake Tech Blackboard of Wake Technical Community College

Wake Tech Blackboard is the feature of Wake Technical Community College which is certified by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Wake Tech Blackboard provides a platform for online learners to login in their portals. 

About Wake Tech

Wake Tech Blackboard

In the late 1950s, the North Carolina General Assembly endorsed financing for another idea in advanced education: modern instruction focuses that would prepare grown-ups in the professional and specialized aptitudes required by the area's developing ventures.

Today, Wake Tech has extended to five ground, with land obtained for a 6th. The school additionally works two focuses and many network destinations all through Wake County. Enlistment has developed to in excess of 66,000 understudies every year.

Fifty years in the wake of opening its entryways, Wake Tech is as yet driving the way, getting ready understudies for effective professions, preparing an exceedingly talented workforce, and filling in as a noteworthy power in the monetary advancement of the region.

Economic growth and college education go hand in Wake County, and also Wake Tech is pleased to play a vital role. The RTP Campus brings Wake Techs praised workforce training and programs closer to companies and students in western. 

With lots of technology companies in on the Triangle, its no wonder Wake Techs Computer Technologies applications are in high demand. 

Now, these generally desired programs are coming to the colleges latest location: the RTP Campus in Morrisville. The 94-acre campus opens to bring technology training closer to Wake County and Research Triangle Park. The Triangle is a hub for tech.

Skills are abilities and talents you acquire that are essential and applicable. 

Here are six important components of skills. Every year, a worthy student is honored with Wake Techs most prestigious distinction on the Stephen C. Scott Presidential Scholarship. 

The program, named in honor of President Stephen Scott, is also a merit-based scholarship, providing leadership growth opportunities plus up to $3, 500 for tuition, fees and also books, a laptop computer, a summer intern placement, and a mentor from the senior. 

Going to college can be challenging, but for some students, on the hard part isn't in the classroom. Hunger and also homelessness are serious threats for many as they attempt to get instruction. 

About Tech Blackboard

Schools should integrate technology, with lots of pupils using technology at home. 

They need to deal with the requirements of the students and aid to teach the four percent of students who've no access to technology or computers at home. 

The schools need to use technology regularly as well to maintain the pupil's minds since nearly all pupils use technology so. 

Schools have started to implement technology and using this method, the pupils are showing interest. Schools have started to make changes in having their IT professionals hookup their schools with WIFI connections so pupils have the ability to have internet access on their WIFI ready devices. 

This helps pupils to be capable to research project material, e-mail fellow classmates and teachers and use the Internet to assist them with homework. With virtual learning on a rise, it is essential for colleges to equip their campuses with WIFI. 

There are plenty of advantages to incorporate engineering to the classrooms, not only does it challenge the pupils in a bigger way, but it also prepares them for college, since with college that they use the internet continuously and there are many online classes that they offer. 

Readers have started to offer virtual textbooks, iPads, mobile phones and mp3 audio players to offer educational applications that help the pupils on a regular basis during school. 

Educational applications may be utilized by teachers to make hands-on technology earning with a few devices that the students already own. Word Lens, is an application that may be utilized by foreign language teachers to make fun and thrilling scavenger hunts through their phones, iPods or iPads. 

Molecules is an application used in science teachers to show 3-D models of different molecules.

Blackboard mobile learn is an application that teachers may upgrade assignments on and show upcoming quizzes and tests so students can manage all of it from their application and have their college dues dates organized.

In this way, The Wake Tech is a brand name in North Carolina which is growing continuously from 1950 in the field of Online and Offline education. And, from the Wake Tech Blackboard system students can log in and access the rich educational content online anywhere everywhere.

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February 27, 2019

Check Nios Deled 506 507 Result 2018 @

NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) has announced the result of 3rd-semester D.EL.ED. examination today. This examination was held in the second last week of December on 20th and 21st for the course code 506 and 507. And Finally, the result is published on 27 Feb 2019. Check your result here.

This blog post includes the following – nios deled result 2018, nios deled 506 507 result 2018, dled 506 507 result, nios d.el.ed. result 2018, de el ed result 506 507, nios deled 3rd semester result 2018, deled result 2019.

Check Nios Deled 506 507 Result 2018 @

Nios Deled 506 507 Result 2018 @

In this post, I am going to tell you the correct way to check the result because many people fall under the fake website due to wrong information and waste their time and money. So here I am telling you a step by step approach to check the results of NIOS D.EL.ED. program which will be useful to you.

If you want to check nios deled result 2018, first of all, you should know that nios is currently running two types of deled programs. A deled program is offline and the second is online. 

A special online deled program has been run for untrained in-service teachers which started in October 2017 and will end in March 2019.

The result of the deled program operated under the offline and online system is also issued separately. You can not see it simultaneously on the same website. Both programs have two different web links from which you can get your result correctly.

How to Check Nios Deled 506 507 result 2018?

Nios deled 506 507 result 2018 for untrained in-service teachers (online course) Can be checked on its official website i.e.

There you will find a link to semester wise result. You can also see your result link in the teacher login section of dled website. Here is a step-by-step guide for checking the dled 506 507 result 2019.

Step 1: Visit the official website of D.EL.ED. –

Step 2: After open the home page find the link – Result of the 3rd semester for 506 and 507

Step 3: After opening a new window you have to enter your enrollment no. and date of birth in designated space.

Step 4: Click on Submit button to view your 506 507 result 2019

Step 5: For future reference, you can print or save your result in the device.

All the trainees are advised that you continue to visit the NIOS website for the latest information about the result and our website also. We will immediately update the link here as soon as the result is published. And Finally, the result is published on 27 Feb 2019. Check your result here.

The result of the first and second semester of NIOS deled (online course) is already available on the website. At the moment, the result of the third semester in which the course of 506 and 507 examinations were done in December 2018, their result will be released in the last week of February 2019. Viewing the result you can use the direct link below.

Nios deled result for the offline course-

For the offline course result of Deled, a different link is given on the website of NIOS. Here the direct link is given. If you are doing offline nios deled course, then you can see your result from here.

Check deled result (offline course) @

About National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) -

The National Institute of Open Schooling is the largest open institution in India, where many vocational courses can be obtained along with school education under the free and distance education system.

If, from the point of view of enrollment, by educating more than 2.71 million students (secondary, senior secondary and professional), it has become the world's number one distance education provider.

Not only this, they have their own research and development wing which develops many new educational techniques, as well as doing various types of activities internationally.

Nios provides course materials to all the enrolled students which are sent by post to the students' address. But currently the online deled course, which is operated for the untrained in-service teachers, its course material is available online only.

You can download NIOS deled study material from its official website. All the study materials are in pdf format which you can easily read anywhere.

And finally, we tell you that the fourth and final semester examination of nios deled online course is proposed in March 2019. The date sheet has been released for this. You will find detailed information in the following post.

In this topic of “Check Nios Deled 506 507 Result 2018 @,” I have guided you to check your NIOS result step-by-step. Hope you liked this post. Write your thoughts about this post in the comment box below and also share it with social shares.

February 27, 2019

NIOS DELED 506 507 RESULT 2018-2019

All NIOS DELED trainees who have recently written 506 and 507 courses exam are all waiting for their results. In this post, I am going to give you complete information about NIOS DELED 506 507 RESULT in 2019.

The investigation of the recently concluded NIOS DELED THIRD SEMESTER EXAM 2018 has been under progress in the investigation of the ANSWER SHEET. The inter-state arrangement has been done for PAPER CHECKING. It means the copy of a state has been sent to another state's regional office.


NIOS DELED 506 507 RESULT 2018 has been scheduled for 45 days from exam conducted date. We are going to tell you what your DLED 2018 RESULT DATE is and how can you see RESULT?


NIOS is an OPEN SCHOOL, Free School, established in 1989, to achieve the goal of Universalisation of Education by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) of the Government of India. National Institute of Open Schooling has the right to enroll, take exams and certificates in pre-graduate level courses.

NIOS provides free and distance education to needy learners (ODL) for secondary, higher secondary and Provides vocational education courses and this work is done by thousands of agencies and scholars spread throughout the country and abroad.

At today's date, it is operating hundreds of courses in BASIC EDUCATION as well as engineering and technology, agriculture and commerce, health and paramedics, home science, computer, teacher training. Those people who have left studies in the middle or have failed or are unable to read further due to time constraints, this is a boon for those people.

At present, running a DIPLOMA IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION (D.EL.ED) program for untrained in-service teachers is going to establish a new record by training 13 lakh + teachers across the country.

In the second year of DIPLOMA IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION (D.EL.ED.) program (Session 2017-19) for the untrained in-service teachers, under the 3rd SEMESTER course, 506 (Understanding Children in Inclusive References) and 507 (Community and primary education) were examined here. This examination was conducted on the whole nation together on 20-12-2018 and on 21-12-2018. Now it is a turn to know the results of these subjects.


NIOS DELED 506 507 RESULT 2018
According to the guideline of NIOS DELED exam results will be done within 45 days from the conclusion of the examination. So far the examination result of 1st SEMESTER (501 502 and 503) and 2nd SEMESTER (504 and 505) came only after 45 days. Accordingly, the RESULT of the NIOS DELED 3RD SEMESTER EXAM RESULTS 2018 is expected to reach the first week of February 2019.

NIOS DELED 506 507 RESULT 2018-3RD SEMESTER can be viewed on the NIOS official website DLED.NIOS.AC.IN.

If you want to know about NIOS DELED 506 507 RESULT 2018-3RD SEMESTER, then you should wait till the first week of February 2019. We will notify you immediately as soon as the result is published.

You should also know that the final date sheet has been released for the last semester of NIOS DELED EXAM, which will have 508 509 and 510 courses. You can read this post for more information.

For any questions or suggestions related to this post, please comment on it below and share it with other friends.

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February 23, 2019

Subliminal Perception Techniques in Advertising and Real Life

Subliminal Perception Techniques in Advertising and Real Life - Perhaps you heard this word at work, from radio or Television or you heard within a conversation and without you even noticing, there it's firmly ensconced on your brain. Subliminal mind learning could work in the same. That's exactly how subliminal instruction got its start. Researchers have been working on subliminal marketing techniques for a significant time.

There'll be skeptics about new technology, but there is an escalating number of those who're reaping the advantages of subliminal mind learning.

How does subliminal perception affect behavior?

How does subliminal perception affect behavior?

Many researchers already believe that some abilities can be imparted through subliminal methods very well, for example, language, patterns, and simple visuals.

In latest years, however, there have been a few high profile studies carried out by experienced researchers who have found subliminal messages to be a lot more efficient than we've been led to believe. 

For example, an extremely respected scientific researcher, named Bahador Bahrami, at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience University College London discovered these kinds of ideas do grab the attention of the brain. 

In fact, there's a growing number of studies, and mounting evidence, into suggest which they do affect us at a deep level of mind. In 1958 a book by Wilson Bryan Key entitled Subliminal Seduction made claims which subliminal techniques were widely utilized in advertising.

How do subliminal marketing techniques work?

Despite all the questions concerning the efficacy of messages businesses are currently spending countless advertising strategies involving the utilization of these messages. As shown by lots of professionals in the advertising business, branding is about producing associations. Research has shown that advertising and marketing communication works. Psychology experts who believe that messages can bypass consumer reactions back these studies. Therefore a customer who sees an ad will think his mind will not get the chance, and the product is nice to buy.

This is why sometimes we cannot control our reaction to these advertisements. These messages become effective when they've something which people experience. These are subjects that people's subconscious attention is attracted by most. They're also used because they're shared by individuals of all ages, class, and background.

Subliminal perception in real life-

Subliminal perception in real life

Occasionally, the messages are also particularly targeted to certain individuals. As an example, there was a scotch ad discovered to have pictures hidden in of the ice cubes of the beverage that was said. According to psychologists, the pictures are already present in dreams which alcoholics have. So when the subconscious sees those pictures, they recognize it, thus leading the individual to get off the urge to act on of the feeling.

Subliminal messages are suggestions which are offered beneath the level of conscious awareness. They're messages which take the kind of words or images. Suggestions are hidden like pictures, movies, music or other sound files in other kinds of communication. 

These suggestions are designed to bypass the consciousness of understanding and evoke a response. Messages may be auditory or visual in nature and are intended to arouse a response that it affects decisions and the thinking processes which we make. It is believed they might have a negative or positive impact on the conclusions of the individual in contact with them and are thought to influence beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and more significantly activities.

Definition and meaning of subliminal-

We might trace back the word subliminal. Sub in Latin way below and liminal is taken. Therefore, subliminal messages are suggestions which are received beneath the level of threshold. They came into the attention of the public in the century's middle. Back in 1957, a researcher named James Vicary ran an experiment in a movie theater. Coca-cola and the words popcorn were flashed during a film for a fraction of a second each. Vicary claimed that this sequence of messages led to an increase in sales. Vicary's experiment created hot debate among scientific experts. The resulting press attention led to the banning of subliminal messages by several nations, including the United States and the UK. 

Nevertheless, Vicary later admitted to having falsified the data and results in the experiment. This brought the effectiveness of them into question something which has been aggravated since the Vicary experiment has not been duplicated successfully by anyone else. In fact, many individuals believe Vicary didn't even carry out the experiment at all! This has led many scientists to conclude which they've no impact on our conclusions at all and in fact don't even reach any level of consciousness so aren't perceived at any level.

What're the various ways to utilize subliminal messages?

Subliminal Perception Techniques in Advertising and Real Life

Marketers come up with lots of creative advertising ideas to utilization subliminal messages in their ads. Some firms also embed implied messages in their famous slogans. Do not that you ever wonder why the famous sports brand motto Just Do It's so vague yet it somehow makes sense for many people. Whenever we read the motto, the brain rapidly makes an association and tells us which the message applies to which thing we actually want to just do. Some hide pictures and images inside the print advertisements and posters, like the scotch example. 

Some conceal words in print advertisements, posters, or product packaging, some also embed subliminal messages in Television advertisements and radio advertisements, of the messages, are unheard or unseen by of the aware mind but are rapidly absorbed by the subconscious. In a 50s study, subliminal messages telling moviegoers to purchase a soft drink and eat popcorn was stated to have really led to a rise in popcorn and soft drink sales. 

Subliminal persuasion is utilized in endless ways of marketing. It'd be difficult to control this phenomenon from being utilized in marketing since they're nearly always completely undetectable.

There are so many possibilities opened up by these techniques. It's possible you could learn a brand-new language putting forth any effort or subliminally without classroom education.

Let’s spread your word about subliminal perception in advertising by commenting here. And, also share how does subliminal perception affect behavior and in real life.