Wake Tech Blackboard of Wake Technical Community College

Wake Tech Blackboard is the feature of Wake Technical Community College which is certified by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Wake Tech Blackboard provides a platform for online learners to login in their portals. 

About Wake Tech

Wake Tech Blackboard

In the late 1950s, the North Carolina General Assembly endorsed financing for another idea in advanced education: modern instruction focuses that would prepare grown-ups in the professional and specialized aptitudes required by the area's developing ventures.

Today, Wake Tech has extended to five ground, with land obtained for a 6th. The school additionally works two focuses and many network destinations all through Wake County. Enlistment has developed to more than 66,000 understudies every year.

Fifty years in the wake of opening its entryways, Wake Tech is as yet driving the way, getting ready understudies for effective professions, preparing an exceedingly talented workforce, and filling in as a noteworthy power in the monetary advancement of the region.

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Economic growth and college education go hand in Wake County, and also Wake Tech is pleased to play a vital role. The RTP Campus brings Wake Techs praised workforce training and programs closer to companies and students in western. 

With lots of technology companies in on the Triangle, its no wonder Wake Techs Computer Technologies applications are in high demand. 

Now, these generally desired programs are coming to the colleges latest location: the RTP Campus in Morrisville. The 94-acre campus opens to bring technology training closer to Wake County and Research Triangle Park. The Triangle is a hub for tech.

Skills are abilities and talents you acquire that are essential and applicable.

Here are six important components of skills. Every year, a worthy student is honored with Wake Techs most prestigious distinction on the Stephen C. Scott Presidential Scholarship. 

The program, named in honor of President Stephen Scott, is also a merit-based scholarship, providing leadership growth opportunities plus up to $3, 500 for tuition, fees and also books, a laptop computer, a summer intern placement, and a mentor from the senior. 

Going to college can be challenging, but for some students, on the hard part isn't in the classroom. Hunger and also homelessness are serious threats for many as they attempt to get instruction. 

About Tech Blackboard

Schools should integrate technology, with lots of pupils using technology at home. 

They need to deal with the requirements of the students and aid in teaching the four percent of students who've no access to technology or computers at home. 

The schools need to use technology regularly as well to maintain the pupil's minds since nearly all pupils use technology so. 

Schools have started to implement technology and using this method, the pupils are showing interest. Schools have started to make changes in having their IT professionals hookup their schools with WIFI connections so pupils have the ability to have internet access on their WIFI ready devices. 

This helps pupils to be capable to research project material, e-mail fellow classmates and teachers and use the Internet to assist them with homework. With virtual learning on a rise, it is essential for colleges to equip their campuses with WIFI. 

There are plenty of advantages to incorporate engineering to the classrooms, not only does it challenge the pupils in a bigger way, but it also prepares them for college, since with college that they use the internet continuously and there are many online classes that they offer. 

Readers have started to offer virtual textbooks, iPads, mobile phones and mp3 audio players to offer educational applications that help the pupils on a regular basis during school. 

Educational applications may be utilized by teachers to make hands-on technology earning with a few devices that the students already own. Word Lens, is an application that may be utilized by foreign language teachers to make fun and thrilling scavenger hunts through their phones, iPods or iPads. 

Molecules is an application used in science teachers to show 3-D models of different molecules.

Blackboard mobile learning is an application that teachers may upgrade assignments on and show upcoming quizzes and tests so students can manage all of it from their application and have their college dues dates organized.

In this way, The Wake Tech is a brand name in North Carolina which is growing continuously from 1950 in the field of Online and Offline education. And, from the Wake Tech Blackboard system students can log in and access the rich educational content online anywhere everywhere.

Wake Teck Blackboard Help Desk

If you face any issue for blackboard login you may resolve the issues anytime. There is various technical support available to solve your problem. In most of the cases, students face the login problem. This happens due to password expiration. Blackboard password generally expires after 120 days. You need to reset your password at least 120 days. Please visit the official password reset page and reset your password then log in again. If you face any other issues then try to contact Wake Teck Blackboard Help Desk from Monday to Friday  7:00 am to 5:00 pm on the help desk number 919-866-7000, you may also visit Blackboard Students Service website any time.

How to do SEO marketing for specific keywords to drive more targeted traffic today?

What Is SEO Marketing? What is the importance of SEO marketing? How to do Search engine optimization marketing for specific keywords to drive more targeted traffic today? Is Search engine optimization marketing useful today? All these answers are going to be covered in this article today. But if you don't know what is SEO then read this SEO article before.

What Is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing

People may create an attractive, well-designed web site, but if they can't find it on the web, it's as good as useless. This is the reason a business web sites target is to be on the top of the internet search engine results. Making an internet site more accessible through search engines drive more visitors to it and by optimizing it for specific key phrases, the traffic it gets may be targeted. This could be done throughout the use of Search engine optimization marketing methods. Search engine optimization marketing became probably the most famous advertising medium today. 

Many web sites, especially social networks sites have links to advertisements to other services and products as part of their Search engine optimization marketing. Social internet advertising posts are now at demand as part of internet advertising campaigns and search engines are filled with websites that are geared with web advertising strategies. 

For a lot of people, the Internet became their important source of information and companies are quick to realize the advantages of having an online presence for their company products and solutions. Search engine optimization advertising covers all the things which are performed to optimize an internet site so that it ranks well in search engines.

The better the web site ranks, the more traffic it is and essentially the objective is to be contained in the top search results page for a keyword or keywords. The rivalry for search engine positions can be cutthroat as there are many competitions. Search engine optimization advertising might help businesses identify which keywords will be more efficient in driving traffic to their sites and that's where web advertising strategies fit in. 

A reputable Search engine optimization business has a lot of certified methods that provide results and Search engine optimization marketing might help put point their strategy to maintain their rankings.

That is a must since new web sites are launched every day. These days, web marketing experts offer an extremely specialized technical assistance which comes in the shape of Search engine optimization marketing services. Two common services offered are keyword study and article writing. 

After the right keywords for a target market are generated, these are utilized to optimize website content, which includes articles. Keywords are embedded in the web site throughout the news release and articles. 

Search engine optimization service providers can provide their clients with recommendations on the way to compose and publish these materials. Many also offer to do that the writing themselves, and also the distribution of news release and articles. 

This is known as linking and is a method to provide more points of access for an internet site, not only the web site itself and Search engine optimization service providers have established techniques and practices always to achieve this. The best example is the E-commerce SEO techniques.

Importance of SEO Marketing

The advantages of internet search engine optimization advertising over traditional advertising methods are many. The first step of any successful web advertising campaign including Search engine optimization and keyword marketing is to understand your customers. And, all the benefits of SEO marketing are based on the client’s online search behaviors.

The First Step is Acceptance: acceptance that we do not know what's going on in our client's heads. We speak our own terminology very well, the terminology of alternatives. Our clients speak in the language of problems. Often both of them are quite distinct, and web marketing attempts that fail to take this into consideration will not attain their full potential. It is tempting to believe that the years of expertise and addressing clients gives us a good idea of how they act.

Nonetheless, there are inherent assumptions which restrict the use of expertise: Client interactions are selected. You simply speak to people who've found you and are interested in your products and services, not those who couldn't find you or believe your answers are not applicable. 

The number of people that may find you're generally dwarfed by the number that can't. Online search behavior is extremely different from interpersonal communications. People today use different, a lot more concise terminology on search engines than they do on dialogue. You will find more terms in usage than we might possibly develop and remember.

SEO marketing for specific keywords to drive more targeted traffic

Research on behalf of more or less every customer we've served has become literally surprising keyword phrases. Expertise offers excellent starting material for keyword study which will uncover several new opportunities.

Keyword Research Uncovers Hidden Opportunities - Opportunities arise partially because of a lot of conditions turned up by good keyword study. There are also usually a few surprising keywords that turn into real gems. These generally happen because they get significant traffic and there's very little competition. The outcome is that the keyword study increases the return on your web advertising investment.

Keyword Research Saves Money - Good keyword study does not just consist of a list of terms, it also includes traffic and competitive estimates of each keyword that permit you to most efficiently allocate resources.

You can focus time and money on SEO for precisely the keywords that have sufficient traffic and just a few competing sites as opposed to trying for top ranking among 200,000 other websites competing on the same phrase. Similarly, competitive bid info can influence your keyword marketing spending, both the quantity and where. Keyword study also uncovers negative keywords that may generate big savings for keyword marketing campaigns.

Tools of the Trade - Keyword study tools are as close as your browser. Virtually any info source for your business or that of your clients provides candidate keywords. Other specialized tools help you to move from known keywords to related ones, suggesting that individuals who search on the athletic shoe can also search for knee pain. Some common keyword study tools include Industry internet portals, blogs, e-zines, etc. In closing, keyword study is an important part of successful web advertising efforts, and there are lots of places to collect information.

Final words for SEO marketing

In fact, the aim of "SEO marketing" is to drive targeted traffic to your website and the practices and techniques are applied by the SEO marketers to achieve their goal.

SmallSEOTools: What are the Top 5 Best Free Small SEO Tools?


Small SEO Tools: smallseotools.com has 100% free premium standard SEO tools available for everyone on the web. It was started from only 3 SEO tools in 2010 but now it provides over 120 notable SEO and content tools absolutely free. Today’s article is all about the top 5 best free SEO tools readily available on smallseotools.com for use by anyone.

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The top 5 best free small SEO tools of smallseotools.com

1. Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker is one of the finest free SEO tools for content writer. If you are a blogger or website owner or freelancer, it is important to know what you are writing is 100% unique and by the search engine wouldn’t be penalized due to duplicate content. The search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing never rank duplicate content.

Duplicated material findings in reduced page rank. If you post stuff or web page content that is not completely new and original, there is a considerably greater danger of being blacklisted by Google and other search engines.

So, if your objective is to have a greater page rank then the danger of posting strongly duplicated material is merely not worth it. That’s why plagiarism checker tool is more important for a content writer or a blogger. Also, read how technology has changed our lives.

How does the plagiarism checker of Small SEO Tools work?

SmallSEOTools plagiarism checker checks phrase by phrase on different search engines comparing it to already indexed content. Open the plagiarism checker page and paste (Ctrl + V) your article in provided box or you may upload a document then click on the Check Plagiarism button. As a result, if full phrases are not new, Plagiarism Checker will discover the initial origin of any duplicate or plagiarized content obtained from the web.

Plagiarism checker
After checking you will also see an exact percentage that informs you how new or unique your post is. Plagiarized phrases which already exist online show in red and unique phrases in blue. You can see the original source of plagiarized phrases also.

Thus, we can say, SmallSEOTools provides a Best Free Plagiarism Checker that you may find on the internet today. We would suggest that you always use a plagiarism checker offered by Small SEO Tools before posting your content online to avoid the penalty by the search engine as well as a copyright claim.

2. SEO Checker

If you are a webmaster, it is important to know your site’s SEO data and regularly check your website SEO score. You have to know what’s going on with your website ranking. Need to know what’s working and fix any issues if found. And, all of these acts can be done through “SEO checker” by Small SEO Tools.

Small SEO Tools’ “Website SEO Checker” is the best free SEO tool for finding out your site’s SEO metrics and status.

This tool has built to produce a precise, useful, and efficient outcome, anyone can use this tool for absolutely free.

The software also runs a fast SEO check on your website and displays you how many checks the site has passed, warnings and errors have been discovered.

The SEO checker software also checks and tests for SEO elements like Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Google Search Results Preview, Robots.txt Test, Sitemap Test, Broken Links Test, Server, and Security Test, etc.

To use this tool is much pretty easy. Simply enter your website URL in the provided box and just click “Check SEO” button and rest of the magic will be done by the tool.

3. Keywords Tools

SmallSEOTools has the best free keywords tools which provide you SERP analysis and keyword research efficiently. As a webmaster, if you want to become an SEO expert then you have to know the techniques of selecting the keyword which can be easily ranked in Google. And, Small SEO Tools can be helped to do so.

SmallSEOTools has the keywords tools like keyword research tool, keyword competition tool, keyword suggestions tool, keyword density checker, long-tail keyword suggestion tool, keyword position checker, SEO keyword competition analysis, live keyword analyzer, etc.

All these keywords tools are 100% free and will help you to evaluate in-depth of your website and the website of your competitor.

4. Backlink Maker

Backlinks are the secret of having an enormous amount of visitors to your page. Backlinks are the biggest consideration for ranking high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo together with high-quality content. If you want more traffic from the search engine then you have to create more quality backlinks. But, creating high-quality backlinks isn’t the easiest things. To do so, SmallSEOTools backlink maker will help you.

Backlink maker

Just go the SmallSEOTools Backlink maker page and enter the URL of your website and click “Make Backlink” button. Within a few minutes, more than 100 high-quality backlinks will be generated automatically.

5. Backlink Checker

You already know backlinks are the biggest consideration for ranking high on the search engine. But now you have to know the complete link profile also. It is important to know where the link is created and how much that link is valuable. Small SEO Backlink Checker will help you to find your website’s complete link profile.

With the Backlink Checker tool, you will be able to discover the linking website, anchor text, competitor's backlinks and profile and the keywords or pages that bring the most traffic.

This free backlink checker will show you the most options which a paid backlink checker will show you. Just enter your or competitor’s website URL and click on “Check Backlink” button and you will discover and track the Dofollow links, Nofollow links, Ahref’s domain rating, total numbers of backlinks, organic keywords, organic traffic and total numbers of referring IP’s and domain, etc. 

Final words for Small SEO Tools

Finally, we can say that SmallSEOTools has all that premium SEO tools which you can use without to pay a single penny. Apart from these top 5 best small SEO tools, it has about 120 plus tools for webmasters, bloggers, content creators, and influencers. We recommend you to use these free Small SEO tools for better results on the SERP. And, Also recommend reading the top 10 most useful SEO tools in 2019.


Do you know the full form of SWAYAM? Here is the full guide of SWAYAM. Find out what is SWAYAM? and how to register and log in on SWAYAM for massive open online courses.


The full form of SWAYAM is “Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds” as it is spelled out by the Human Resources Development Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar on the launching event.



SWAYAM is a MOOC program started by the Government of India and intended to accomplish the three cardinal standards of Education Policy viz., access, value, and quality. The target of this exertion is to take the best showing learning assets to all, including the most burdened.

SWAYAM looks to connect the computerized gap for understudies who have up to this point stayed immaculate by the advanced upheaval and have not had the capacity to join the standard of the learning economy.

This is done through an indigenous created IT stage that encourages facilitating of the considerable number of courses, educated in study halls from ninth class till post-graduation to be gotten to by anybody, anyplace whenever.

Every one of the courses is intelligent, arranged by the best instructors in the nation and are accessible, free of expense to the inhabitants in India. In excess of 1,000 extraordinarily picked workforce and educators from the nation over have partaken in setting up these courses.

The courses facilitated on SWAYAM are in 4 quadrants – (1) video address, (2) exceptionally arranged perusing material that can be downloaded/printed (3) self-evaluation tests through online tests and (4) an online talk gathering for clearing the questions. Steps have been taken to advance the learning background by utilizing sound video and multi-media and cutting edge teaching method/innovation.

So as to guarantee the best quality substance are created and conveyed, nine National Coordinators have been designated: They are AICTE for self-guided and worldwide courses, NPTEL for technical, UGC for non specialized post-graduation instruction, CEC for undergraduate instruction, NCERT and NIOS for school instruction, IGNOU for out of the school understudies, IIMB for the business studies and NITTTR for Teacher Training program.

Courses conveyed through SWAYAM are accessible free of expense to the students, anyway understudies needing accreditations will be enrolled, will be offered a declaration on effective fruition of the course, with a little charge. Toward the finish of each course, there will be an evaluation of the understudy through delegated examination and the imprints/grades verified in this test could be exchanged to the scholastic record of the understudies.

UGC has as of currently issued the UGC (Credit Framework for web-based learning courses through SWAYAM) Regulation 2016 encouraging the schools to acknowledge courses wherever credits may be changed on to the scholastic record of the understudies for courses done on SWAYAM.

SWAYAM stage is indigenously created by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and all India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) with the help of Microsoft and would be finally fit for facilitating 2000 courses and 80000 hours of picking up: covering school, undergraduate, post-graduate, designing, law and other expert courses.

Special highlights of SWAYAM

Here is all that you have to think about the activity:
  • SWAYAM utilizes indigenously created IT stage, encouraging facilitating, all things considered, instructed in study halls from Class 9 till post-graduation to be gotten to by anybody, anyplace whenever. 
  • SWAYAM expects to give intelligent courses, arranged by best instructors in the nation and are accessible free of expense to the occupants in India. More than 1,000 extraordinarily picked instructors from the nation over have taken an interest in getting ready SWAYAM courses. 
  • Course position: SWAYAM courses are accessible on SWAYAM.gov.in site in four quadrants: video address, uniquely arranged perusing material that can be downloaded/printed, self-evaluation tests through tests and tests and an online dialog gathering for clearing the questions. 
  • National facilitators: To guarantee the best quality substance, seven national organizers have been selected. They are NPTEL for technical, UGC for post-graduation training, CEC for undergraduate instruction, NCERT, and NIOS for school instruction, IGNOU for out of the school understudies and IIMB for the executives consider.

Confirmation in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) program by NIOS is gone for empowering the objective gathering - untrained educators named before August 10, 2017 - to create them in aptitudes, abilities, mentalities, and comprehension to make instructing and adapting progressively compelling.

How To Access SWAYAM Study Material for NIOS D.EL.ED. Trainees

Stage 1: Click to open the Sign in Page: https://swayam.gov.in/User/Registration 

Stage 2: Enter the Registration subtleties

Stage 3: Verify email address and complete enlistment process

Selecting for Course on SWAYAM 

Stage 1: Click on the Hyperlink to explore the course subtleties page for a course name like "ELEMENTARY EDUCATION IN INDIA: A SOCIO-CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE" 

Stage 2: Click on "select at this point"

Stage 3: Click on the login

Stage 4: Use the Userid/Password made in the before ventures to log in.

Stage 5: Click on "enlist now"

The enrolled hopefuls would need to enlist for different courses following the means given above.

A portable application has additionally been created to enable educators to look for any illuminations and arrangements.


In an offer to advance moderate instruction, Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar today said the administration plans to offer around 2,000 online courses inside one year through 'SWAYAM' - a straightforwardly created stage.

"Right now, courses are offered through this stage and this will be upgraded to 2,000 courses in a single year," he said after the initiation of seven days in length Teachers Workshop at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here.

Around 60,000 understudies have effectively finished their courses through this reasonable stage propelled a year ago.

It makes information accessible whenever anyplace like ATM offers money, the minister stated, including that it tends to be named 'ATL - Anytime Learning'.

India's training area will see expanded utilization of new innovations, for example, distributed computing to computer-generated reality, as the administration hopes to actualize huge scale changes, for example, Revitalizing Infrastructure and Systems in Education (RISE) conspire.

Association Government has reserved Rs 1 lakh crore as consumption for the rising plot.

While innovation empowered activities or stages in accordance with huge open online courses (MOOC, for example, SWAYAM (for instructors' preparation) have seen utilization of advancements, the legislature should hope to venture up the utilization of apparatuses, for example, virtual lab, augmented reality (VR)- empowered study halls or curated online substance for the two understudies and educators, experts broadly said.

SWAYAM, an online deep-rooted preparing stage created with the assistance of Microsoft, or Diksha, a stage that guides instructors with advanced and tech-based showing arrangements are "unmistakable endeavors" in patching up the training framework.

"Digitizing instruction has been a basic remembering the reasonableness, availability, comprehensiveness of the substantial trainable youth populace. Innovation might be utilized to achieve the different populace at the remotest corners. MOOC stages, NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning) are now being used for the advancement of higher specialized instruction. They might be utilized for contacting younger students also," said Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya, representative chief, IIIT, Kharagpur.

He included that IITs crosswise over areas are chipping away at "advanced intermingling" and "improvement of imaginative foundation for training" which could result in expanded utilization of new-age advances.

Upcoming SWAYAM Online courses

Introduction to Airplane performance:

This course is intended to give a coordinated early on the treatment of plane execution with the kind of airship structure and flight testing.

Project Planning and Control:

This course will cover the essential ideas in Project Planning and Control with an emphasis on development ventures. The course is significant to Civil Engineering senior dimension undergrad just as post-graduate understudies in the territory of development the executives. Rehearsing engineers who are a piece of the arranging group on development ventures will likewise profit by the ideas shrouded in the course.


The course will begin with a concise prologue to robots and mechanical autonomy. The inspiration driving keeping robots in present-day businesses will be talked about. In the wake of giving a short history of mechanical autonomy, diverse segments of an automated framework will be recognized. The technique for deciding degrees of the opportunity of an automated framework will be talked about with certain models. Subsequent to characterizing the robots dependent on specific criteria, workspace investigation of controllers will be done. Uses of robots in various territories like in assembling units, restorative science, space, and others, will be examined. Different techniques for robot instructing will be clarified with some appropriate precedents.

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Stockinvesting | Stock Investing Process Can Be Pretty Easy In India


Stockinvesting and share trading is a business that people consider to be high-risk and highly complicated. They feel that it is not at all easy. But, stock investing can be pretty easy if you understand its process.

Today’s article is all about stockinvesting for the beginner’s education so that one can easily invest in stock and make money. Follow this beginners stock investing guide and prepare yourself to make money from money.

What is Stock Investing?

Before to know what is stock investing you have to understand the stock. A stock is a general word used to define any company's ownership certificates. On the other hand, a share refers to a particular company's stock certificate. Holding the share of a specific company makes you a shareholder and the process is overall known as stock investing

The main things that need before stockinvesting

Before entering the stock market you must have the four main things, without it stock investing is not possible anymore. You must have an identity proof, a PAN  card, a bank account, and a DEMAT account. Let me discuss one by one.

1. Identity proof: You must have to prove your identity in the stock market. According to the Government and the regulatory body, this is the first step to enter the share market. If you are residing in India you may have Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport or any other proof of valid government identity card.

2. PAN Card: The second more important thing is a PAN card. PAN or permanent account number is issued by the tax department. In India, if you haven’t PAN card you can apply online at NSDL site or the website called UTITSL. For this, proof of identity, address proof, date of birth certificate is needed and about 100 rupees fees have to pay also.

3. Bank account: Bank account is also an important instrument. If you have not, try to open an account with any nationalized bank.

4. DEMAT account: For trading or investing in the stock market, DEMAT account must be opened. For a DEMAT account apply online to NSDL or CDSL or tell your share broker to do it for you.

5. Choose a Share Broker: And finally, you have to choose a share broker for opening a trading account. Almost every nationalized bank providing brokerage facilities or you can choose a registered share broker and open a trading account with it.

Usually, there is a slight difference between a trading account and a DEMAT account. The trading account is where you place offers for buying or selling orders to transact stocks while the DEMAT account is for keeping what you have purchased.

To open and run your trading account, you will first have to finish KYC processes requiring evidence of identity, proof of address and PAN card number.

Things to remember before choosing a stockbroker

Stock Investing

There is a number of brokerage firm registered in the market. Thus you have to option of choosing the best brokerage firm to deal with. Some brokers provide trading advice or research report while some do not. Brokering charges may differ from one to other. The trading software will differ. And, maybe, some broker will provide a limited option for trading. So, my recommendation is carefully to check and verify the share broker and choose that which is more suitable for you.

If you opened the trading account with your broker then get your login id, password and start trading. Track your account activity regularly. For risk management try to gain expertise and make a diversified portfolio. Also, invest for a long period of time for better returns.

Please note that we are not giving you any investment advice here. This article is for your initial stock investment education. Since stock investment is highly risky, you should take decisions based on your discretion and loss tolerance.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any query about this post. And, if this article helped you to educate for "stockinvesting" then share with your friends.

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Primitive Technology of Australian Youtuber John Plant

Primitive Technology

What is Primitive Technology?

If you do not use contemporary instruments or equipment to construct stuff in the forest then this technology is called primitive technology. And, this primitive technology is fully adopted by John Plant in Australia. He demonstrates the living with primitive technology through his YouTube channel “Primitive Technology.” Today, we are going to know about John Plant (primitive technologist) and let’s find that how the whole world is being loved this technique.

About Primitive Technology YouTube Channel

Primitive Technology is John Plant's YouTube channel. The series, based in Far North Queensland, Australia, shows the process of creating instruments and houses using only wild materials. The channel was created on May 2015, and as of July 2019, gained more than 9.6 million subscribers and over 743 million views.

Each episode directs spectators through the advancement of one or more initiatives showing the techniques and methods used to produce instruments or structures. He builds entirely from scratch using no contemporary instruments or equipment, as he explains on his blog, using only what he can obtain from his natural environments, such as plant products, clay, soil, and stones. Each video of his channel involves no speech, but minimal atmospheric noise. In the closed caption function, text details of behavior occur on-screen which makes the viewer understandable what’s going on in the video.

Primitive technology clips obtain millions of hits on a regular basis and have given rise to an engaged online community discussing the recent clips.

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About John Plant the owner of Primitive Technology

Mr. John Plant is a resident of Far North Queensland, Australia. You may have the misconception that Mr. John lives full time in the forest. But it’s not true. In 2018, an interview published in BBC News and Wikipedia also stated that Mr. John Plant is living a luxurious life in a modern house and eats modern foods. What he shows in his videos is his hobby only. He also stated that as a kid he started to develop his remarkable construction abilities at the age of 11.

In 2017, Interviewed with Michelle Castillo of CNBC, he stated that he is a university graduate and received a bachelor degree in Science but later he didn’t do anything with this degree.

Instead of doing a job Mr. Plant mowed lawns for a living. In spare time he would go into the woods and practice his hobby. Then he started filming his activities. And now, his hobby made him a millionaire.

Mr. Plant runs “Primitive Technology” YouTube channel and also describes his initiatives in a blog https://primitivetechnology.wordpress.com/ 

Most popular videos of Primitive Technology

Almost every video of John Plant’s Primitive Technology hits millions of views but here are some most popular videos which made him a superstar. 

  • Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut
  • Primitive Technology: Bow and Arrow
  • Primitive Technology: Forge Blower
  • Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill
  • Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks
  • Primitive Technology: Water powered hammer (Monjolo)
  • Primitive Technology: Stone Axe (celt)
  • Primitive Technology: Woven bark fiber
  • Primitive Technology: Freshwater Prawn Trap
  • Primitive Technology: Charcoal

And, more videos are published regularly on Youtube. Keep visiting John Plant's "Primitive Technology" YouTube channel and learn beautiful primitive techniques. 

Sharing is always appreciated.

How technology has changed our lives? (Pros & Cons)

How technology has changed our lives
How technology has changed our lives? (Pros & Cons)

The society has been changed with technology's evolution. Before the advent of present-day technology, life was burdensome and everyday chores consumed too much in our time. Access to education, medicine, business, transport, etc. has been simplified due to present-day technology. Due to efficiency and convenience, our lives have improved. There was a time when performing a simple job like doing the laundry could take a large part of the day. As a result of modern technologies, a lot of burdens was lifted from our shoulders and we've more energy and time to do what we'd like to. Here are the pros and cons of technology that affect our lives. Let’s see how technology has changed our lives.

How technology has changed our lives? (Pros)

Today, its simple to execute a fundamental on-line search and receive instant info on an affliction or harm, possibly enabling you to provide early response efforts.

You may also read the info on fitness and health, and find tips about how to live a far healthy lifestyle. You might even utilize the web to find a reliable medical health insurance provider, and find the health coverage you need for a lower possible cost.

With no easily available information, doctors and physicians wouldn't be able to exchange data with one another as quickly, and the general public will be in the dark about theories of health and wellbeing we forget weren't always common knowledge.

Though were struggling with poverty and world hunger carries on to be a problem, the quantity of total food available per capita is astounding.

Bad sanitation standards in developing nations leave inhabitants susceptible to a host of different ailments, and only a hundred decades ago, it was a primary cause of death and illness.

Luckily, we've managed to develop fully operational, safe ways to supply water to those masses and dispose of waste correctly, the challenge now's making that technology available all around the globe.

We’ve seen an enormous improvement in medical technology, from vaccines that completely eradicate diseases to medical equipment that may ease the burden of nearly any chronic condition. Medical knowledge improves with each generation, and thanks to the combined impacts of this understanding, we have access to medicines and treatments that no person can find in a thousand lifetimes.

Future Developments - In all four dimensions, engineers and also researchers are continuously striving for improvement.

For instance, our net speeds keep getting faster and more accessible to pockets of the globe that previously went without. Vertical farms are pushing those limits of how much food could be produced in a given physical space. Scientists are even finding techniques to fight superbugs, that are usually unfazed by modern antibiotics. Odds are, if you are in reasonable health, you will be capable to live well past 50and its four main realms of technologies that have helped make that a possibility.

How technology has changed our lives? (Cons)

With lots of benefits and comfort, come the disadvantages too. 

Technology is used imprudently today resulting in impacting the society complicating our lives.

Relationship with members of the family has been diminished because of excessive involvement with numerous devices. Even though in certain cases, parents resort to technologies to communicate with their children and be conscious of their whereabouts yet this is not sufficient always. 

Technology has made access to education easier, but it's also leading to weakening the memories of individuals. Usage of text language frequently is having dire implications for students. They don't spell words accurately or write fully grammatically correct sentences.

Modern technology also poses serious health problems. Individuals are sleep deprived now because taking their eyes off their mobile or notebook computer screens turned into a near to impossible task. This leads to problems in vision, obesity, cancer, etc. We became lazier. We like to sitting, playing games or listen to music rather than walking or go outdoors or performing any work that requires physical exercise. 

Modes of transport have improved the ease of access but have also improved the amount of pollution. 

Due to technology, a wide range of options became accessible to individuals. 

Technology has also favored people with special needs by providing them with hearing aids, text readers, special chairs, etc. Now they too can enjoy everyday life without having to think about their disabilities. 

As a conclusion, you have found "various positive impacts of technology" on our lives, but there are various downsides too.