📡Swayam Prabha: 32 DTH Channels and App Review📡

Latest Review of Swayam Prabha App and 32 DTH Channels

Swayam Prabha: 32 DTH Channels
Swayam Prabha is a group of 32 educational channels started by the Government by India in 2017. Here is the latest review of the Swayamprabha app and 32 DTH channels.

If you are a student then for good quality and full academic study material Swayam Prabha may, of course, help you in your exam preparation and for your bright carrier. Read the complete review of the Swayam Prabha channel, Swayam Prabha website, and SwayamPrabha app in this article.

What is Swayam Prabha?

Swayamprabha has named for a group of 32 educational channels started in 2017 by the government of India. It was inaugurated by the former President of India Honorable Shree Pranab Mukherjee on date 07 July 2017. Swayam Prabha is devoted to telecasting quality educational programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do Swayam Prabha 32 DTH Channels Work?

For telecasting all 32 DTH channels, Swayam Prabha is using the GSAT-15 satellite. All the programs telecasting on Swayamprabha were being provided by the content provider. It's content providers are very prestigious educational institutions like IITs, UGC, CEC, IGNOU, NCERT, and NIOS. 

Swayam Prabha 32 DTH

Every day, at least 4 hours of fresh content on SWAYAM PRABHA  is released by its content provider which is uplinked by BISAG (Bhaskaracharya Institute of Space Applications and Geo-Informatics). A program is re-telecasted at least five times every day so that anyone can take advantage of their time.

How to Access Swayam Prabha 32 DTH channels?

The subscribers of FREE DISH, DTH service of Doordarshan, can view these Educational channels using the same SET-TOP BOX and TV. No additional investment is required. You will need to set the following parameters in your Set-Top Box.

Downlink Frequency
LNB Frequency
Symbol Rate
01 – 16
11590 MHz
29500 Ksps
17 - 32
11670 MHz
29500 Ksps
You can search the channel number 2001 or beyond to watch the SWAYAM PRAHA channel on your DISH TV.

Can I access SWAYAMPRABHA Channel Online from the Website?

INFLIBNET has developed a web portal for Swayam Prabha. The web portal swayamprabha.gov.in has an archived of telecasted videos that can be accessed online at any time. You can register yourself on Swayam Prabha where you can find information on the current and the upcoming programs lists and time table. One more benefit of Swyamrabha registration is that you will get the information about the upcoming program from the SMS.

Swayam Prabha App Review

INFLIBNET center has also developed an app of SWAYAMPRABHA. You can download it from the Play store. All the current and the upcoming programs lists and time table can be viewed on the app. You can also watch telecasted videos as archived.

But my honest opinion is that the SWAYAMPRABHA app is not satisfactory right now. The app is very slow loading, buggy, sometimes unable to log in. The SWAYAMPRABHA app may be very useful for that learner who wants to learn independently but INFLIBNET has a need to make a better UI and bug fixes and need to do to make a good SWAYAMPRABHA app.

Can I Get a Certificate from SWAYAM PRABHA Online Courses?

No. Swayam Prabha only broadcasts academic courses. If you want to get the certificate then register on SWAYAM PORTAL.

SWAYAM PRABHA Channels Lists and features

SWAYAMPRABHA Channels 01-10 are managed by CEC/UGC, New Delhi. These channels broadcast high-quality, visually and graphically enriched content of Languages, Literatures, Social Sciences, Sciences, Laws, Economics and Commerce, Management, Library Sciences, etc. to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of India.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channels 11-18 are managed by NPTEL. These channels are dedicated to technical and engineering-related subjects. Video lectures are related to undergraduate and graduate students. The lectures are recorded through the NPTEL and Swayam platforms and are also available online, through NPTEL. The lectures are delivered by the faculty of the different IITs, and of IISc.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channels 19-22 are managed for high school students by IIT Delhi and is called IIT PAL. These channels are dedicated to teaching and learning for Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry for class 11th and 12th standard students. The lectures on these channels have been delivered by professors of different IITs and also by some teachers of Kendriya Vidyalaya.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channels 23-24 are managed by IGNOU, New Delhi. These channels provide curricula and courses like Arts and humanities, Vocational, and Agriculture that meet the educational requirements of lifelong learners.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channel 25 is managed by the NIOS, Noida. The channel provides D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) courses for in-service untrained teachers working in Elementary schools of the country.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channel 26 is for Open Universities Programs managed by IGNOU, New Delhi.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channels 27-28 are also managed by NIOS, Noida. These channels provide educational courses on Secondary and Senior Secondary levels for class 9th, 10th, and 12th.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channel 29 delivers lectures of PG Subjects and YOGA managed by UGC- INFLIBNET, Gandhinagar.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channel 30 named Gyanamrit managed by NIOS offers educational Courses in Sign language and the bilingual version at the Secondary level and Yoga course.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channel 31 broadcasts School and teacher education lectures and it is managed by NCERT.

SWAYAMPRABHA Channel 32 is jointly managed by IGNOU and NIOS and fully devoted to teacher education. SYAWAM PRABHA DTH Channel 32 VAGDA broadcasted D.EL.ED. (Diploma in Elementary Education)course lectures for In-service Untrained teachers in 2017-19. There were 12 Lakh plus untrained teachers who were registered on Swayam and also benefited from Swayam Prabha DTH.

Final Words for Swayam Prabha DTH

According to the above specifications, we can say that Swayam Prabha 32 DTH channel is a great initiative of the Indian Government. It aims at enabling the target group to enhance and capable to learn all the things at home without any cost. At present, on Swayam Prabha, from basic education to secondary, senior secondary, higher education programs, as well as courses such as engineering are broadcast which is very useful for any student.

If you are students make sure to start watching the broadcast of 32 DTH channels for good quality full academic study materials from today. We hope this will absolutely help you. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, please make a comment, and share it with other friends as well.

The words of Shri Prakash Javadekar (Human Resource Development Minister, Government of India) about Swayam Prabha: 32 DTH channels-
"SWAYAM PRAHAHA is the best way to get the courses of SWAYAM from anywhere anytime. SWAYAM PRAHAHA's 32 channels are completely free of charge, anywhere, where the cable is not reached, where nothing has been reached, where the internet is not properly received, this is the best way. Prime Minister has always said, “Use SATELLITE for education".

Updated Lists Of All Banks Balance Enquiry Number 2020

All Banks Balance Enquiry Number List 2020: Get updated Lists of 39 banks' missed call facility number to check account balance on your mobile phone.

Bank Balance Enquiry Number

For the customers of all the public and private banks in India, it is an exploratory question that how to check your bank account balance at home?

If you are an account holder of any bank, and you want to check your bank balance from your mobile at home by Missed Call, then you are in the right place.

Now, you do not need to go to the bank branch to know the balance of your account. You can easily check your account balance by making a missed call on the phone number mentioned here.

Updated Lists Of All Banks Balance Enquiry Number 2020

 Sr. no.  Bank Name  Balance Enquiry Number
 1  State Bank of India        09223766666
 2  Punjab National Bank     18001802223 
 3  Bank of India     9015135135 
 4  Bank of Baroda     8468001111 
 5  Canara Bank     09015483483 
 6  Indian Bank     9289592895 
 7  HDFC Bank     18002703333 
 8   Union Bank of India    9223008586 
 9  United Bank of India     09015431345 
 10  Axis Bank     1860004195555 
 11  UCO Bank    9278792787
 12  ICICI Bank    18601207777
 13  Corporation Bank    9268892688
 14  IDBI Bank    18008431122
 15  Yes Bank    9223920000
 16  Allahabad Bank    9224150150
 17  Bank of Maharashtra    9222281818
 18  Baroda Rajasthan Gramin Bank    8880094411
 19  Punjab and Sindh Bank    7039035156
 20  Oriental Bank of Commerce    180018001235
 21  Gramin Bank of Aryavart    05222398874
 22  Andhra Bank    09223011300
 23  Bandhan Bank    9223008666
 24  Central Bank of India    9555244442
 25  Dena Bank    09289356677
 26  Syndicate Bank    9210332255
 27  Karnataka Bank    18004251445
 28  Kotak Mahindra Bank    18002740110
 29  Lakshmi Vilas Bank    8882441155
 30  IndusInd Bank    18002741000
 31  Karur Vysya Bank    09266292666
 32  Saraswat Bank    9223040000
 33  Indian Post Payments Bank    8424026886
 34  Odisha Gramya Bank    8448290045
 35  RBL Bank    18004190610
 36  Vijaya Bank    18002665555
 37  Bharatiya Mahila Bank    09212438888
 38  South Indian Bank    09223008488
 39  Deutsche Bank    18602666601

How to Check Account Balance By Making a Missed Call on the Provided Numbers?

Almost all government and private Indian banks have issued official phone numbers, on which you can check your account balance just by making a missed call. Let's explain by the example here.

SBI Balance Enquiry Number

SBI balance enquiry number

State Bank of India accounts holders can call SBI balance inquiry number - 09223766666 from their registered mobile number to check their account balance.

An SMS will be received on your mobile immediately after calling, giving information about your account balance.

To take advantage of this service of the State Bank of India, it is necessary that your mobile number should be linked to your account.

If your mobile number is not linked to the account, first register your mobile no in the bank.

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Balance Enquiry Number

PNB balance enquiry number

Punjab National Bank account holders can call PNB balance enquiry number - 18001802223 from their registered mobile number to check their account balance.

An SMS will be received on your mobile immediately after calling, giving information about your account balance.

To take advantage of this service of Punjab National Bank, it is necessary that your mobile number should be linked to your account.

Conclusion for Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Please note that you are the account holder of any bank, you can check your account balance through missed call service only when your mobile number is registered in your account.

If this is not the case, you will not be able to take advantage of the missed call facility.

Currently, almost all banks have released their toll-free number, with the help of which you can get the information about your account balance sitting at home immediately. Therefore you do not need to go to bank branches to do a balance check.

In this article, we have provided you information about All Bank Balance checking toll-free number. We hope you like this information. Share it with other friends too.

if you want to read this article in Hindi, Click this link- Bank Balance Check Number.

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What is NPTEL? Do certificates from NPTEL courses hold any value?

What is NPTEL? Full form of NPTEL? Does NPTEL provide a certificate? Is the NPTEL certificate free? What is the use of the NPTEL certificate? How to get NPTEL certificate?

What is NPTEL
If you want to get a certificate from India's top government institutions like IITs and IISc, by getting an online course free, then today's article is for you. Here is the complete information on the National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning i.e. NPTEL. 

What is NPTEL? Full form of NPTEL? Does NPTEL provide a certificate? Is the NPTEL certificate free? What is the use of the NPTEL certificate? How to get NPTEL certificate? All these things you will know in this article. 

The full form of NPTEL is the National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning which is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform of the Government of India. 

This is being implemented by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in collaboration with seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), (IIT Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Guwahati, and Roorkee).

In the early phase (2003), it consists of five core subjects i.e. Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, and Communication, and Mechanical as well as core science programs, which are required to be read by an engineering student, more than 100 webs or Lecture is recorded in the video format, which anyone can access from anywhere through the internet.

At present, over 600+ video courses in NPTEL online courses are available in various science and technical branches. All these courses are absolutely free, which anybody can do. But a college student can get a certificate by paying a nominal fee and passing the exam.

“It is now possible for ANYONE outside the IIT System to be able to do an online certification course from NPTEL and get a certificate from the IITs. IITs are reaching out and taking education to the homes of people through this initiative.” 

From that quote written on the website of NPTEL, you can understand that you are now able to get the certificate of IIT by doing an online course through NPTEL without any enrollment in the institute.

And, one of the most noteworthy things is that NPTEL is currently a partnership with more than 1900 colleges and companies from where you can do workshops, internships, etc.

What are the benefits of NPTEL courses and certificates?

Here are the most important benefits of NPTEL online courses and certificates-

  • Unlike other popular MOOC platforms like SWAYAM, the online courses being provided by NPTEL include all of the engineering topics (Biotechnology, Ocean Engineering, Metallurgical Sciences, etc.), including a very popular course such as Computer Science Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
  • The quality of NPTEL's curriculum content is exactly what is taught at IIT, which will create solid knowledge and understanding for any student. These courses will also help prepare candidates for entrance exams for higher technical education.
  • NPTEL also has courses on Current and Cutting Edge Technology, which will improve the employment potential of candidates in the technical field, such as - Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning, MIMO / OFDM Cellular and Sensor Networks, etc.
  • NPTEL also has courses in the non-technical field, such as management courses. People who want to the betterment or improve their management skills, they have many popular management courses or other non-technical courses such as - Six Sigma, Educational Leadership, Introduction to Psychology, E-Business, Project Management for Managers, History of English Language and Literature, etc.
  • NPTEL's curriculum enables the student to engage and learn directly from the best faculty of the country in that special subject. This strengthens the student’s fundamentals in the course.
  • NPTEL Online Courses offers students the opportunity to explore new areas of interest - which are not possible in regular college environments. At the same time gives students the opportunity to learn more deeply about the subjects they want to master. These courses are also working as faculty development programs. Currently, 15 to 20 percent of enrollment is being taken by the faculty of different colleges.
  • The MOOC program includes students from the corners of the country. Some are foreign students too. Among the many different classmates, NPTEL gives students the opportunity to assess where they stand in relation to this group of learners.
  • NPTEL Online Courses also introduce students' self-learning initiatives - where they have their own motivation that inspires them to complete the curriculum and not the external obligation. It promotes the habit of keeping themselves updated with self-study.
  • Certificate of NPTEL Online Course is sealed with the stamp of CCE and IIT, when a candidate applying for a job, this NPTEL certificate gives additional value to him. This is the main advantage of NPTEL certification.
  • Companies are more preferential to candidates with special skills - if they want to recruit. And, NPTEL's certificate helps you more.
  • From the session of July 2019 and onwards all NPTEL courses can be accessed from the SWAYAM portal. SWAYAM certificate has the same value as the NPTEL certificate. Read also this article- How to register and study on the SWAYAM portal?

How to get NPTEL certificate?

NPTEL started the initiative to provide the certificate to students for the courses in March 2014. The process of certification is as follows:

  1. NPTEL Online Courses have been uploaded on the portal of NPTEL. First, you have to enroll in it which is absolutely free.
  2. Every week, nearly 3 hours of video content is released with an assignment, which is evaluated and gives the student points.
  3. Teaching Assistant (TAs) and Faculty members support the discussion forum, which helps answer your questions and overcome doubts.
  4. If you want to get the certificate from IIT / IISc after doing the course, you will have to register for the in-person proctored certification exam. This test operates with the participation of about 100 institutions across the country. Certification is not free, But you have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 1100.
  5. The final score includes 25 percent of assignments and 75 percent theory marks. You must have at least 40 percent final marks to get the certificate. After passing the examination, e-verifiable certificates will be uploaded on the website of NPTEL which can be downloaded. A hard copy is also sent to you.
  6. The utility of these certificates is considered to use for credit transfer in universities or to make the student more employable or to increase their growth in their current workplace.
  7. SWAYAM and NPTEL certificate provides additional value in your career.

The final word for NPTEL

One of the basic objectives of NPTEL is to bring all the best teachers in the country under the umbrella of NPTEL and to collaborate with IITs and IISc to record the lecture and make their courses available to the communities of the country under the agreement of the free and open source. There is already an important step to create open virtual laboratories on the Internet for engineering topics initiated by IIT Delhi, which is very important for our country.

Another primary purpose is to build strong relationships with leading academic initiatives around the world, such as MIT OCW, Commonwealth of Learning, British Open University, Australian Open Universities, etc.

In addition to this, learning and developing the development of new technologies in collaboration with industries are also their main objective.

IITs and IISc should move towards the challenge of unprecedented and rapid economic development and the opportunities for providing globalization of the pool of scientific and technical talent in India.

So, we hope that you will like this article related to the value of the SWAYAM and NPTEL certificate and  “free online courses”. You may ask any question related to NPTEL in the comment box as well as share this article with other friends.

SmallSEOTools: What are the Top 5 Best Free Small SEO Tools?

Analysis of Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker, Website SEO Checker, Keyword Density Checker, Backlink Maker, and Backlink Checker of SmallSeoTools.com


Small SEO Tools: smallseotools.com has 100% free premium standard SEO tools available for everyone on the web. It was started from only 3 SEO small tools in 2010 but now it provides over 120 notable SEO and content tools absolutely free. Today’s article is all about the top 5 best free SEO tools readily available on smallseotools.com for use by anyone.

Let's Learn The Digital Marketing Free Here.

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The top 5 best free small SEO tools of smallseotools.com

1. Small SEO tools duplicate content checker (a plagiarism checker)

Small SEO tools plagiarism checker is one of the finest free online small SEO tools for content writers. If you are a blogger or website owner or freelancer, it is important to know what you are writing is 100% unique and by the search engine wouldn’t be penalized due to duplicate content. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing never rank duplicate content.

Duplicated material findings in reduced page rank. If you post stuff or web page content that is not completely new and original, there is a considerably greater danger of being blacklisted by Google and other search engines.

So, if your objective is to have a greater page rank then the danger of posting strongly duplicated material is merely not worth it. That’s why the smallseotools plagiarism checker or small SEO tools plagiarism report generator is more important for a content writer or a blogger. 

How does the Small SEO Tools plagiarism checker work?

SmallSEOTools plagiarism checker checks phrase by phrase on different search engines comparing it to already indexed content. Open the plagiarism checker page and paste (Ctrl + V) your article in the provided box or you may upload a document then click on the Check Plagiarism button. As a result, if full phrases are not new, Plagiarism Checker will discover the initial origin of any duplicate or plagiarized content obtained from the web.

Plagiarism checker
After checking you will also see an exact percentage that informs you how new or unique your post is. Plagiarized phrases that already exist online show in red and unique phrases in blue. You can see the original source of plagiarized phrases also.

Thus, we can say, SmallSEOTools provides a Best Free Plagiarism Checker that you may find on the internet today. We would suggest that you always use a plagiarism checker offered by Small SEO Tools before posting your content online to avoid the penalty by the search engine as well as a copyright claim.

2. Smallseotools SEO Checker


If you are a webmaster, it is important to know your site’s SEO data and regularly check your website SEO score. You have to know what’s going on with your website ranking. Need to know what’s working and fix any issues if found. And, all of these acts can be done through “Small SEO tools SEO checker.” 

Small SEO Tools’ “Website SEO Checker” is the best free SEO tool for finding out your site’s SEO audit, metrics, and status.

This small SEO checker tool has built to produce a precise, useful, and efficient outcome, anyone can use this tool for absolutely free.

The software also runs a fast SEO check on your website and displays you how many checks the site has passed, warnings and errors have been discovered.

The SEO checker software also checks and tests for SEO elements like Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Google Search Results Preview, Robots.txt Test, Sitemap Test, Broken Links Test, Server, and Security Test, etc.

To use this tool is much pretty easy. Simply enter your website URL in the provided box and just click the “Check SEO” button and the rest of the magic will be done by the tool.

3. Small SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker

SmallSEOTools has the best free keywords tools which provide you SERP analysis and keyword research efficiently. As a webmaster, if you want to become an SEO expert then you have to know the techniques of selecting the keyword which can be easily ranked in Google. And, Small SEO Tools can be helped to do so.

SmallSEOTools has the keywords tools like keyword research tool, keyword competition tool, keyword suggestions tool, keyword density checker, long-tail keyword suggestion tool, keyword position checker, SEO keyword competition analysis, live keyword analyzer, etc.

All these keywords tools are 100% free and will help you to evaluate in-depth of your website and the website of your competitor.

4. Small SEO Tools Backlink Maker

Backlinks are the secret of having an enormous amount of visitors to your page. Backlinks are the biggest consideration for ranking high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo together with high-quality content. If you want more traffic from the search engine then you have to create more quality backlinks. But, creating high-quality backlinks isn’t the easiest thing. To do so, SmallSEOTools backlink maker will help you.

Backlink maker

Just go to the SmallSEOTools Backlink maker page and enter the URL of your website and click the “Make Backlink” button. Within a few minutes, more than 100 high-quality small SEO tools free backlinks will be generated automatically.

5. Small SEO Tools Backlinks Checker

You already know backlinks are the biggest consideration for ranking high on the search engine. But now you have to know the complete link profile also. It is important to know where the link is created and how much that link is valuable. Small SEO Tools Backlink Checker will help you to find your website’s complete link profile.

With the Backlink Checker tool, you will be able to discover the linking website, anchor text, competitor's backlinks and profile, and the keywords or pages that bring the most traffic.

This free backlink checker will show you the most options which a paid backlink checker will show you. Just enter your or competitor’s website URL and click on the “Check Backlink” button and you will discover and track the Dofollow links, Nofollow links, Ahref’s domain rating, total numbers of backlinks, organic keywords, organic traffic, and total numbers of referring IP’s and domain, etc. 

Final words for SmallSEOTools.com

Finally, we can say that SmallSEOTools has all that premium SEO tools which you can use without paying a single penny. Apart from these top 5 best small SEO tools, it has about 120 plus tools for webmasters, bloggers, content creators, and influencers. We recommend you to use these free Small SEO tools for better results on the SERP. And, Also recommend reading the top 10 most useful SEO tools in 2019.

Word of Mouth Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages with Example

What Is Word of Mouth Marketing and What Are the Word of Mouth Advantages and Disadvantages?

This article will guide you about the word of mouth marketing advantages and disadvantages, along with word of mouth marketing examples, it will also tell you what are the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing.

Now the definition of word of mouth is right here. Word of mouth is all informal customer to customer interaction that is not controlled by the marketer.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Ok! You have seen the definition of the word of mouth marketing above and now, see the advantages of the word of mouth advertising with examples to understand the advantages of word of mouth.

Advantages of Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth is generally compared with advertising and other sources of the market are controlled ways of reaching out to customers.

Word of mouth is essentially all informal communication that you get to hear from your friends, from your family members, from other people who don't have necessarily a reason to talk to you about a product in a good way or in a bad way.

Word of mouth is all the product reviews that you see on social media.

It is all the product reviews that you see on e-commerce platforms on amazon.com, on Flipkart, on Paytm, on any of these e-commerce platforms.

You will see that there are product reviews available. Now, most of these product reviews out there, of course, I'm not saying all product reviews, but most of these product reviews are uninfluenced organic inputs given by customers who have either used the product or seen somebody else using the product.

Now it is much more relevant and much more credible than advertising that is out there because when generally a customer sees an advertisement, the customer has a feeling that this advertisement is out there to influence me to go and purchase the product that is being advertised.

Benefits of Word of Mouth Marketing

A word of mouth, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily have such a motive. Word of mouth is generated by customers who have used a certain product and have found that product to be useful and have told me that this product is extremely great and extremely useful, so I had attached greater credibility to word of mouth.

I attach more importance to word of mouth as compared to the other forms of communication or information available to me.

I generally have a tendency to go to e-commerce platforms and look into word of mouth before making a purchase decision.

So all of this information that is out there in the digital space, specifically information that is known as word of mouth, is extremely critical in how the customer goes about, making the purchase decision.

And this is one essential thing that has changed the way in which consumers make purchase decisions.

Earlier too, there was a lot of word of mouth out there. Customers attached greater importance to word of mouth, but with the emergence of digital technology, word of mouth has now taken center-street.

Word of Mouth Marketing Examples

For example, earlier say 20-30 years ago, if you wanted to buy a car, you would have spoken to a few friends. You would have spoken to one person who's either an expert in automobiles, who works in an automobile company, or is a mechanic nearby, to understand which the best car out there is.

You would have heard from these people. All the information that you heard from these people would have come to you immediately, you would have forgotten it in some time. Your family members, your friends, other people would have heard from you. They wouldn't have necessarily got this information directly.

So, the reach of word of mouth was very limited. Word of mouth was very spontaneous. There was no way by which you could remember all of these exact details about the vehicle and talk to somebody else, but with the emergence of the digital space, word of mouth has unlimited reach right now.

You write something on Facebook, probably 3000 of your friends hear about. You tweet about this, a few million people hear about it.

You put it up on amazon.com or Flipkart or any of these e-commerce platforms, every single customer who comes to that platform is now viewing the certain content that you have provided.

So the reach of word of mouth has become exponentially high. Word of mouth is extremely, extremely fast propagating.

You would have seen a lot of viral campaigns recently. You would have seen a lot of campaigns which basically have been started by consumers and which basically are spread like wildfire.

You talk bad about a product. You remember there was a product, a noodle product in India recently, a few years back, which basically pulled off the shelves because of the controversy.

Such negative word of mouth spread much faster. So although word of mouth has always been there, it is with the emergence of the digital space, that word of mouth has now taken center-stage.

Advantages of Word of Mouth in the Digital Space

Apart from this word of mouth, the entire marketing context has also changed drastically with the emergence of the digital space.

Say, for example, the reach has exponentially increased with the emergence of the digital marketplace. Earlier you had a limitation with respect to how many customers you could reach. You had a limitation with respect to how many customers could come to your retail store. You had a limitation on how many customers view television or read a magazine or read a newspaper.

Today, you basically have let go of all of these limitations. You can basically reach out to any customer anywhere in the world who has access to the internet and access to a platform or a device that can access the internet. So the reach has become exponentially great.

The second thing is you are today able to reach customers throughout the day, any time of the day. Earlier, customers had to wait for office timings, had to wait for the time that the shop was open, and only on these times you were able to get to the customer or the customer was able to reach out to you.

Today you basically have a 24x7 operation. The customer can come to an e-commerce platform at any point of the day, any time of the week, and purchase the products that they are looking for. You don't need to necessarily have the kind of people, staffing the e-commerce platform because most of these things are automated today.

Earlier, it was very difficult for us to gather information. If you had to have some information about what customers thought, what customers behave or what things customers were thinking, it was very difficult for you because you always had to have those long surveys that you had to take to the customer and gather a lot of information from the customer as part of your marketing the search activity.

But today all of this has become much easier because everything that the customer does on a digital space is now trackable. You have access to a lot of data. The customer browses from website A to website B you are able to see what the customer has been doing. The customer comes to your e-commerce platform and looks for a certain product. You know that this is the customer who was looking for this particular product. You know that the customer is also going to these other websites.

You know that the customer has a social media account where the customer is connected to 10 other people, a few of whom could be influencers whom you can use to reach out to this customer and motivate this customer to buy.

You also have options wherein new business models have come out. The entire e-commerce industry has come out wherein you are able to sell a lot of products which traditionally you were not able to sell, because a traditional retail space has limited shelf space. You couldn't sell a lot of products there.

Today, with e-commerce, you are able to sell many more products through these channels. So the entire way in which we do marketing, the whole of the creation, communication, delivery, and exchange of value has completely transformed with the new technology, and with the emergence of the internet.


Now, that we have understood the definition of the word of mouth, and the advantages of the word of mouth marketing, and how word of mouth marketing context has changed drastically with the emergence of the digital space. So, there are no disadvantages to the word of mouth marketing and advertising in the digital ecosystem.

Read also the complete marketing concept and step by step guide of marketing on our blog for a complete understanding of digital marketing.

Sharing is always appreciated.

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What Is an Assignment and How to Write It In a Compelling Way?

What is an assignment and How to Write It In a Compelling Way?
What is an assignment and How to Write It In a Compelling Way?

Assignment: You know how important it is to write an assignment for any academic program. You cannot take it lightly. If you are taking it lightly, then you are doing it wrong.

This article will prove to be the Best assignment helper where you will be guided for the best assignment writing and know what is an assignment and how to write it in a compelling way?

Once again, we’ll discuss in this article what assignment is. How can it be written better and the biggest question is, can you copy the assignment written by another?

What is an assignment?

An assignment is a task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study. The main objective of the assignment in academic programs is to check how much you have understood the text and how you can present it in your own words?

This means how much skill you have gained in a particular area during the course study.
Under the assignment, questions related to your syllabus are asked to you and you have to submit the answers by writing them in your own words.

How to Write an Assignment in a Compelling Way?

Here are some important tips that will help you in writing a compelling assignment-

  • Always use project paper for assignment writing except for online assignments.
  • Use a blue ball pen for writing. In order to write the answer, the points must be highlighted, for this, you can also use different colors. Do not use a red pen at all.
  • Make sure to write your name, address, course code, assignment code on the cover page above the assignment, without which your assignment will be rejected.
  • It would be better to do rough work before finalizing the assignment.
  • Understand the assignment question well and prepare the points related to the answer.
  • Expand the point in the middle of the answer.
  • There should be no error in writing answers, especially in terms of quantity and grammar.
  • Regardless of what language you are writing, keep in mind to write the assignment in your own handwriting. Tying can be allowed only under special circumstances.
  • Your expression and style should be reflected in whatever you write.
  • Make a separate file for each assignment and keep a Xerox file safe with you.
  • Hurrah! Just keeping these things in mind, the assignment will be compelling and unique.

Can I Copy the Assignment Written by Another?

This is an important question that students often ask if they can copy another assignment.

Obviously, the answer is no. If you copy another's assignment, it won't take long for the investigator to get caught and you won't get the proper marks. Your assignment may also be rejected.

It will not take long for the investigator to understand that you have copied, so what will happen? It will be that he can return your assignment to you or even if he does not, then he will give you an average mark and you cannot get a good grade.

So there is more risk in copying.

So instead of copying, you can write a better assignment by following the tips mentioned above.

What is the Meaning of Assignment for Students?

The term assignment for a student is related to his or her school assignment. It means students may have to make assignments for each lesson in their syllabus or submit different assignments for each session. It depends on their syllabus or school.

But there are some courses in which it is absolutely compulsory to write assignments such as- Deled Assignment, BTC Assignment, B.Ed. Assignment, IGNOU Assignment, NIOS Assignment, NPTEL Assignment, etc.

We have written a separate article on How NPTEL assignment marks are calculated where you can know how to score best in the NPTEL assignment.

Final Words

We have told you in this article that the assignment is a task for you which you have to complete. In addition, we have also told you how to make the assignment attractive and the most important thing is that you should not copy someone else's assignment.

We hope this online assignment help tips and tricks will help you as the best assignment helper. Any questions related to the assignment, write to us in the comment box.

Top 10 Most Useful SEO Tools Suggested By SEO Experts in 2020

Useful SEO Tools: Create content that is great which viewers will want to link to through other websites, blogs, or networking. How precisely are you doing this and how are you measuring achievement? This is where tools for optimizing the web search engine come in.

Let's Learn The Digital Marketing Free Here.

Today we are going to discuss the Top 10 most useful SEO tools in 2020 that SEO experts like Munoz, McGee, Whalen, and other Search engine optimization experts suggest and use regularly.

Why SEO Tools?

Digital branding is the most famous, widely used, and effective strategy for companies to engage their clients. In accordance with the survey conducted by ThinkVine, these days, marketers spend most of their advertising spending budget on digital online marketing compared to the conventional advertising program. Marketers have to have an in-depth understanding of the traits and preferences of their audience. If they won't comprehend the consumers' behavior and buying patterns, they'll never succeed in any one of the marketing plans. Read E-commerce SEO techniques for more details.

Most Useful SEO Tools Suggested By SEO Experts

1. Google's Tool

Google's tool is extremely useful for any website content developer, and it is one of the tools most Search engine optimization experts use regularly.

Google analytics

Top 10 Most Useful SEO Tools Suggested By SEO Experts in 2019
Top 10 Most Useful SEO Tools Suggested By SEO Experts in 2020

Munoz, McGee, Whalen, and other Search engine optimization experts rely on Google's website analytics tool. Google Analytics is among the most helpful tools to examine traffic. You may easily examine the traffic on your web site and their activities on your webpages. Google Analytics enables the keywords used to bring visitors to the website more to be seen by any website manager.

Google Webmaster Tools

Another free and essential Google's tool is a Google webmaster tool. Google Webmaster Tools, makes it possible to diagnose web site crawl errors and carry out other tasks to enhance the health of your site. Though it isn't especially hard to use, those without much web site management experience can be a bit confused.

2. BuzzSumo

Content marketing is the most unabated approach this year too. Virtually all brands are involved with creating the most insightful and useful content for their audience than ever before in the past. BuzzSumo is broadly utilized to hunt, amplify, and monitor the content. It can help identify the most searched and used contents all over the globe and in addition, it monitors the content. This aids the marketers to handle the content and participate in a maximum number of customers readily. Marketers are using different analytical instruments so as to monitor the functioning of the business and participation of the customers on their electronic platforms.

3. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is another effective tool that might help in the conversion of their leads into actual sales. Kissmetrics is a platform for customer engagement automation intended to really assist you to know your client base's behaviors and drive greater rates of engagement.

4. Webbee SEO Spider

Webbee Search engine optimization Spider works the same way wherein an internet search engine does for your website. It assists you to find out all the strengths and weaknesses of the web site design, content, and structure. 

Not only this, but It also provides per weekly updates such as metadata, internal links, sitemaps, keywords audit, H tags, and much more. If you truly want to add value to your web site, this is a must tool that is commonly employed worldwide by professional marketers.

5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog's Search engine optimization Spider is a desktop program that sends a Spider to a website and compiles a spreadsheet-like report about the pages it crawls. Whalen uses the program when launching a brand new site review.

6. SpyFu

Munoz recommends SpyFu, a keyword search tool that provides useful information on the keywords your competitors are bidding on and\/or using to rank in organic searches. Whalen uses this completely free tool to discover if a webpage has any kind of redirects, adding that, For Search engine optimization functions, we like to see 301 redirects as opposed to 302s or any other kind.

7. Ahrefs

Enter a URL and Ahrefs's Site Explorer instrument will show you its back-links, or external links from other sites. You may get lots of that info also from Google Webmaster Tools nowadays, but I will frequently find different ones showing up at Ahrefs which I might not have seen at Google Webmaster, Whalen notes.

Apart from these SEO tools

Semrush and Deep Crawl is another strong tool that can help to improve and monitor the functioning of SEO. MailChimp is the most dominant and commonly used for the aim of e-mail marketing. Among their best things about MailChimp has become that it may easily be installed and utilized by the software dummies even. With the aid of this tool, you may easily design perfect mails to target your audience. Along with this, GetResponse is Just Another platform for lead generation, electronic solutions, and e-mail marketing. It's a cutting-edge suite for marketing at very cheap prices for enterprises and SMBs.

Conclusion for SEO tools

In accord with the CMO survey, advertising analytics are commonly used all over the planet and the cost is likely to rise greater than 60 percent.  On the planet of the internet world, you can survive only when you will be fitted with the tools. So, in 2020, the above-listed SEO tools are the most useful tools for search engine optimization and to beat the competitors.

We hope the information about these SEO tools will be helpful for your content and digital marketing. For any query, feel free to comment below. 

Sharing is always appreciated.