How technology has changed our lives? (Pros & Cons)

How technology has changed our lives
How technology has changed our lives? (Pros & Cons)

The society has been changed with technology's evolution. Before the advent of present-day technology, life was burdensome and everyday chores consumed too much in our time. Access to education, medicine, business, transport, etc. has been simplified due to present-day technology. Due to efficiency and convenience, our lives have improved.

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There was a time when performing a simple job like doing the laundry could take a large part of the day. As a result of modern technologies, a lot of burdens were lifted from our shoulders and we've more energy and time to do what we'd like to. Here are the pros and cons of technology that affect our lives. Let’s see how technology has changed our lives.

How technology has changed our lives? (Pros)

Today, its simple to execute a fundamental on-line search and receive instant info on an affliction or harm, possibly enabling you to provide early response efforts.

You may also read the info on fitness and health, and find tips about how to live a far healthy lifestyle. You might even utilize the web to find a reliable medical health insurance provider, and find the health coverage you need for a lower possible cost.

With no easily available information, doctors and physicians wouldn't be able to exchange data with one another as quickly, and the general public will be in the dark about theories of health and wellbeing we forget weren't always common knowledge.

Though were struggling with poverty and world hunger carries on to be a problem, the quantity of total food available per capita is astounding.

Bad sanitation standards in developing nations leave inhabitants susceptible to a host of different ailments, and only a hundred decades ago, it was a primary cause of death and illness.

Luckily, we've managed to develop fully operational, safe ways to supply water to those masses and dispose of waste correctly, the challenge now's making that technology available all around the globe.

We’ve seen an enormous improvement in medical technology, from vaccines that completely eradicate diseases to medical equipment that may ease the burden of nearly any chronic condition. Medical knowledge improves with each generation, and thanks to the combined impacts of this understanding, we have access to medicines and treatments that no person can find in a thousand lifetimes.

Future Developments - In all four dimensions, engineers and also researchers are continuously striving for improvement.

For instance, our net speeds keep getting faster and more accessible to pockets of the globe that previously went without. Vertical farms are pushing those limits of how much food could be produced in a given physical space. Scientists are even finding techniques to fight superbugs, that are usually unfazed by modern antibiotics. Odds are, if you are in reasonable health, you will be capable to live well past 50and its four main realms of technologies that have helped make that a possibility.

How technology has changed our lives? (Cons)

With lots of benefits and comfort, come the disadvantages too. 

Technology is used imprudently today resulting in impacting the society complicating our lives.

The relationship with members of the family has been diminished because of excessive involvement with numerous devices. Even though in certain cases, parents resort to technologies to communicate with their children and be conscious of their whereabouts yet this is not sufficient always. 

Technology has made access to education easier, but it's also leading to weakening the memories of individuals. Usage of text language frequently is having dire implications for students. They don't spell words accurately or write fully grammatically correct sentences.

Modern technology also poses serious health problems. Individuals are sleep deprived now because taking their eyes off their mobile or notebook computer screens turned into a near to impossible task. This leads to problems in vision, obesity, cancer, etc. We became lazier. We like to sitting, playing games or listen to music rather than walking or go outdoors or performing any work that requires physical exercise. 

Modes of transport have improved the ease of access but have also improved the amount of pollution. 

Due to technology, a wide range of options became accessible to individuals. 

Technology has also favored people with special needs by providing them with hearing aids, text readers, special chairs, etc. Now they too can enjoy everyday life without having to think about their disabilities. 

In a conclusion, you have found "various positive impacts of technology" on our lives, but there are various downsides too.

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