Primitive Technology of Australian Youtuber John Plant

Primitive Technology

What is Primitive Technology?

If you do not use contemporary instruments or equipment to construct stuff in the forest then this technology is called primitive technology. And, this primitive technology is fully adopted by John Plant in Australia. He demonstrates the living with primitive technology through his YouTube channel “Primitive Technology.” Today, we are going to know about John Plant (primitive technologist) and let’s find that how the whole world is being loved this technique.

About Primitive Technology YouTube Channel

Primitive Technology is John Plant's YouTube channel. The series, based in Far North Queensland, Australia, shows the process of creating instruments and houses using only wild materials. The channel was created in May 2015, and as of July 2019, gained more than 9.6 million subscribers and over 743 million views.

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Each episode directs spectators through the advancement of one or more initiatives showing the techniques and methods used to produce instruments or structures. He builds entirely from scratch using no contemporary instruments or equipment, as he explains on his blog, using only what he can obtain from his natural environments, such as plant products, clay, soil, and stones. Each video of his channel involves no speech, but minimal atmospheric noise. In the closed caption function, text details of behavior occur on-screen which makes the viewer understandable what’s going on in the video.

Primitive technology clips obtain millions of hits on a regular basis and have given rise to an engaged online community discussing the recent clips.

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About John Plant the owner of Primitive Technology

Mr. John Plant is a resident of Far North Queensland, Australia. You may have the misconception that Mr. John lives full time in the forest. But it’s not true. In 2018, an interview published in BBC News and Wikipedia also stated that Mr. John Plant is living a luxurious life in a modern house and eats modern foods. What he shows in his videos is his hobby only. He also stated that as a kid he started to develop his remarkable construction abilities at the age of 11.

In 2017, Interviewed with Michelle Castillo of CNBC, he stated that he is a university graduate and received a bachelor's degree in Science but later he didn’t do anything with this degree.

Instead of doing a job Mr. Plant mowed lawns for a living. In spare time he would go into the woods and practice his hobby. Then he started filming his activities. And now, his hobby made him a millionaire.

Mr. Plant runs “Primitive Technology” YouTube channel and also describes his initiatives in a blog 

Most popular videos of Primitive Technology

Almost every video of John Plant’s Primitive Technology hits millions of views but here are some most popular videos which made him a superstar. 

  • Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut
  • Primitive Technology: Bow and Arrow
  • Primitive Technology: Forge Blower
  • Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill
  • Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks
  • Primitive Technology: Water powered hammer (Monjolo)
  • Primitive Technology: Stone Axe (celt)
  • Primitive Technology: Woven bark fiber
  • Primitive Technology: Freshwater Prawn Trap
  • Primitive Technology: Charcoal

And, more videos are published regularly on Youtube. Keep visiting John Plant's "Primitive Technology" YouTube channel and learn beautiful primitive techniques. 

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