What Is NPTEL Assignment? How NPTEL Assignment Marks Are Calculated?

NPTEL Assignment

You know how important it is to write an assignment for any academic program. You cannot take it lightly. If you are taking it lightly, then you are doing it completely wrong.

So today we will discuss in this article what is NPTEL assignment and how NPTEL assignment marks are calculated?

We will also know how can the assignment be written better? And, the biggest question is, can we copy another assignment?

What is an assignment?

The answer lies in its purpose. That is, the main objective of the assignment is to check how much you have understood the lesson and how you can present it in your own words? This means that during the course study, how much skill you have gained in whatever field you have gained knowledge.

The same thing applies to the NPTEL online courses perspective. How much you have understood in the course in which you have enrolled, you have to write in the assignment, how much skill you have acquired in it.

How NPTEL assignment marks are calculated?

For each NPTEL course, 25 percent marks are assigned for assignments and 75 percent marks for the main examination.

Every week an assignment has to be submitted. For example, if there is a 4-week course, then you have to submit 4 assignments. One has to submit 8 assignments in the 8-week course and 12 assignments in the 12-week course.

But, 25% of marks are calculated on an average basis. For example-

The best 3 assignments are chosen in the 4-week course and the 6 best assignments in the 8-week course and similarly the best 8 assignments in the 12-week course are chosen and their average is your final assignment marks. In this way, 25 percent marks are calculated for each course assignment and the remaining 75 percent marks are for your final exam.

Suppose, you have obtained 23 marks in the internal and 70 marks in the final online exam, then your overall mark is 93 i.e. 93 percent.

Please remember that for NPTEL online certification, at least 40% of marks have to be obtained overall.

NPTEL Assignment Submission FAQs

Q.1. Is it compulsory to submit all assignments in an NPTEL course?

Answer. Since NPTEL selects your best 3, 6, or 8 assignments depending on your course, we recommend that you submit all assignments. This will help you score better.

Q. 2. Does NPTEL allow you to sit for exams if your assignments were not submitted?

Answer- Yes, if you have registered for the final examination and paid the fees then you can sit for exams. But keep in mind without assignment submission your final grade will be lower than expected.

Q. 3. Is it possible to sit in the NPTEL exam with 50% assignment submitted?

Answer- Yes, if you have registered for the final examination and paid the fees then you can sit for exams. But keep in mind without assignment submission your final grade will be lower than expected.

Q. 4. Will there be any negative marks in the NPTEL exam?

Answer- No, there is no negative marking in both assignments and final examinations. 

Q. 5. Will the late submission of assignments affect my grade in the NPTEL certificate?

Answer- You must submit your assignment before the due date. The deadline for assignment submission is already set on the net, so the deadline is not extended for that course. Definitely,  you will lose the marks of that particular assignment.

Q. 6. Do certificates from NPTEL courses hold any value?

Answer- We have already written an article in detail about NPTEL and its certification, you can read it here.

If you have any more questions related to your NPTEL assignment, then please comment below.

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  1. If I submitted all the quizzes and not submitted the weekly programming assessments then will I get the certificate or no?

  2. If I forget to submit 4 out 12 assignment, will my final assignment score affected??

    1. Not probably Since they take best 8 out of 12, so if u have submitted only 8 it will be considered directly. But if u have done all assignments you have a chance to get better assignment marks

  3. I forgot to submit a my week 10 assignment will it affect my overall score?

  4. I submitted 10 assignment out of 12 and I missed 2 assignment ..can I get certificate


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