Top 10 Christmas Movies on Netflix 2020 to Watch Right Now

My Recommendation - Top 10 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix 2020 to Watch During This Christmas Holiday Season Right Now.

So today's article is all about the greatest 10 Christmas movies on Netflix for 2020.

Some of these Netflix movies I've already watched and others are new or they're coming soon.

So I was doing research into these movies to see, what movies to recommend to you guys, and I'm genuinely so excited for some of these to come out for me to watch.

Anyway so let's just start with my 10 recommendations for Christmas movies on Netflix with 2020.

Top 10 Christmas Movies on Netflix 2020

1. Dolly Parton's Christmas On The Square

The first movie I wanted to recommend is a movie that was released on the 22nd of November and it is called Dolly Parton's Christmas On The Square.

It's about Christine Baranski and her father passes away. So she goes back to her hometown and she evicts everyone by Christmas eve from their home so that she can sell the land to a developer.

When Regina returns as I said she evicts everyone and says they have to be gone by Christmas eve and she's visited by an angel Dolly Pardon.

She's visited by an angel dolly pardon and she reconnects with an old love I don't want to spoil it but I think we all know where the story is going.

It's actually a musical, so there are 14 new original songs by Dolly Pardon and I absolutely love musicals with my whole heart.

And the sets look incredible and as I said like the filmography made me so happy because there were just so many different storylines but it seemed like it's going to be such a heartfelt movie.

It's an awesome family movie and as I said musicals, so there are like musical numbers, 14 new songs, so that's definitely top of my list.

I hope you will be watching it too and I think the reason I love the Netflix original films is that you can just tell how much money that they've invested into these movies like they're just on another caliber of Christmas movies.

So yeah there's my number it's not really ordered but that's definitely on the top of my list.

2. Jingle Jangle a Christmas Journey

The next new Christmas movie on Netflix 2020 that I'm so excited to watch is Jingle Jangle a Christmas journey.

So this movie is about Jeronicus jangle who is a toymaker his apprentice steals his most prized possession and it's up to his granddaughter to reawaken the magic within.

This one is another musical film. The cinematography of this film and the sets and the costumes look out of this world so it's another one that I'm so excited to watch.

There's a lot of dancing and singing it kind of gives me greater showman vibes, so I'm excited about this one looks incredible.

3. The Christmas Chronicles 2

The next Netflix original Christmas movie 2020 that I recommend is The Christmas Chronicles 2.
Now I've actually not seen The Christmas Chronicles 1, I just watched the trailer before filming this video and it looks awesome I really want to watch both of them now.

In the first movie Kate and her brother save Christmas and in the second movie, Kate returns to the north pole. she returns to the north pole with her mum's new partner's son.

Her stepbrother is trying to steal the forest star and basically, the forest star protects the north pole and makes it invisible to the outside world.
Santa, Mr. Claus, and Mrs. Claus all work together and her brother all work together to save Christmas, protect the first star, and it all round looks like another movie that's just full of heart.
I feel like an awesome family movie and I love those movies that are more than just romance even though I absolutely love those movies too.

It just looks so awesome, the sets look incredible like when I watch the trailer and I saw the north pole, it's amazing.
It's going to be another awesome movie I'll be watching both The Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2 this year.

4. The Princess Switch Switched Again

The next movie which is very exciting is The Princess Switch Switched Again.
Kevin and duchess Margaret are going through a little bit of a rough patch so Stacy brings Kevin back to wherever duchess Margaret is from because she inherits the throne they decide to switch again so that Margaret has more time with Kevin and Stacy acts like duchess Margaret.

There is another Vanessa Hudgens there's actually three of them in this movie, it's their evil cousin Fiona and Fiona tries to ruin everything.

5. The Holiday Movies That Made Us

The next new Netflix original movie 2020 is called The Holiday Movies That Made Us.

And it's a two-episode series, it basically goes behind the scenes of elf and the night before Christmas and talks about the development of each of these films.

6. Midnight At The Magnolia

Another great Netflix movie that is out already is called Midnight At The Magnolia.

I already watched this one. I watched this the other night and I loved it.
It's about lifelong friends Jake and Maggie and they actually host a radio show together and they have such great chemistry.
They're just like a small radio show and then a man comes along and he wants to make the countrywide radio stars. They're talking about introducing their new partners to their family.

Jake and Maggie decide to pretend that they're actually a couple. Now I don't want to spoil anything but you already know what happens.

That's all I'm going to say there but it was honestly so cute. I loved it. It's obviously one of those typical Christmas movies like you know the storyline but I really recommend it.

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix 2020
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7. Operation Christmas Drop

The other best Christmas movie 2020 is Operation Christmas Drop.

Operation Christmas Drop is about military cargo planes that are dropping medicine, food, toys, and gifts in remote islands.

The congresswoman sends one of her employees to the base where they run this to try and shut it down because she thinks it's a silly use of military equipment.

So when she goes she meets the man, he's a bit good looking and he tries to show her what they do so that they don't shut this operation down. And I don't want to make any spoilers but again I think we all know what happens. Anyway, it looks really cute.

8. Just Another Christmas

Another great Christmas movie that just came out on December 3, 2020, is Just Another Christmas.

And it's about the main character, his name is George. George was born on Christmas day. He hates Christmas day, and on one Christmas eve he has a four, and when he wakes up it's the year later Christmas eve, he has to deal with everything that he self has done the past year but he doesn't remember it.

And he relives Christmas day every single year. So one of those time loop ones those stories that everyone does so you the same day. It looks like a funny one so yeah I'm gonna watch it. It looks really funny I think it's a good family film.

9. Christmas Wonderland

The next one that I'm recommending is Christmas Wonderland that I've actually seen recently.

It came out in 2018 but again it was just released on Netflix.

It's with Emily Osmond and Ryan Rottman and I love Emily Osmond in the whole heart obviously because she's in Hannah Montana who wouldn't love her.

So basically this one is about Emily Osmond's character and she moved to new york to pursue art and in doing so she broke up with her boyfriend at the time and she returns back home to help her sister.

Her sister's kids go to school at the place where her ex-boyfriend works he's a teacher there and so they both have to work together to decorate for the school dance.

She does the most in the film, she creates the artwork for the dance and the artwork gave me chills. I was like that is so epic. So you should watch that just for the artwork.

10. Christmas Made to Order

That's another really cute one the last Netflix Christmas movie is Christmas Made to Order.

This came out I think a year or two ago but it only just got released on Netflix and it's with Alexa Penavega and Jonathan Bennett and I love both of those actors.

It's about Alex's character who is a decorator and Jonathan's character asks her to decorate his family home and help celebrate Christmas with his family and in return is going to make sure that the company that he works for hires her as their decorator of all their buildings.

So she goes home for Christmas with her family and they all celebrate together. I've not seen it either but I will be watching it.


I hope you guys just found it helpful and you've got some movies to put on your Christmas watch list this year because these all honestly look amazing like Netflix has outdone themselves with their Christmas content.

If you do watch any of these movies be sure to comment and tell me what you thought of them because I love it when I watch something that I love.
The one thing that I want to do is talk about it to everyone and often people haven't watched the same things as me because I told you my movie stand is so high.

Thank you so much for reading this article. If you like the article share it with your friends.

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